Seeker App: Make the most out of the marketplace in your pocket

iseekplant’s Seeker app brings the marketplace from your computer to your pocket. At your fingertips, you have access to thousands of suppliers and construction service contractors. The Seeker app allows you to post your job, search for suppliers, and manage job replies through the app. By managing jobs from the app you can see active conversations with suppliers, contact them easily, and close completed jobs. The Seeker app supports all communication via the app so you don’t have to jump from email, to phone and back again.

Better yet, if you're on your computer you can access your account from iseekplant's website as well. Just log in to our Seeker Portal with the same account you used on the app and all your jobs and communications will be right where you left them.

Easy navigation and search functions


Benefits of the iseekplant construction service Seeker app

We don’t have to tell you the pain you go through ringing around looking for suppliers who can’t deliver or aren’t available, so we’ll let the Seeker app bandage up that wound. The Seeker app makes your life on site easier and saves you what precious time you have. There’s two things to remember about the Seeker app that we think will have you sold:

  1. Get quick quotes on machines and services for time-critical jobs
  2. Organise anything you need on the go, even from where you’re standing now

Have less screen time, and more time on the tools doing what you love. The Seeker app will have you at peak performance on site and benefit you and your business in the long run.

Seeker app infographic, app function breakdown



Getting started with the iseekplant seeker app

If you’re not the most tech savvy person out there, let that anxiety wash away because the Seeker app has the simplest setup imaginable. Simply download the app, sign in to your existing iseekplant account, or set up an account in less than a minute. Enter your name, email address and phone number then you’re done! Save your details for next time so you can quickly switch to the app when you need it and enable push notifications so you never miss someone calling your line to take that job. You can receive notifications immediately when a supplier reaches out to you and have someone on site making sh*t happen for you.