John Deere 6330 Tractor Review & Full Specs


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The John Deere 6330 tractor is a part of the highly versatile and productive 6030 tractor series. Operators appreciate the rapid machine response and efficient performance with power outputs of 105 Hp (77 kW) from the 2-valve High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) engine. The dual-stage temperature cooling system and charge air cooler deliver high torque and enhanced power, while keeping maintenance costs and fuel consumption low.

John Deere 6330 Tractor Specs (overview)

  • Number of Cylinders: 4
  • Engine Make: John Deere
  • Engine Model: 4045HL480
  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Operating RPM: 1500-2300
  • Displacement: 4.5 L
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • For full specs - see below

Transmission Types

There are three different transmission types available within the 6030 series, meaning you are spoilt for choice. These are as follows:
  • SynchroPlus 12/4 Transmission has 12 forward and four reverse speeds that fully synchronised for easy on-the-go shifting
  • 16/16 PowerQuad Plus Transmission provides four power shiftable speeds in each of the four fully synchronised ranges
  • 24/24 PowerQuad Plus Transmission reaches speeds of up to 40 km with more gears in the main working range and more flexibility

With the PowerQuad options, the operator can enjoy the exclusive John Deere SoftShift technology. This technology ensures the engine and transmission communicate electronically for smoother and integrated shifts, along with superior comfort.


Operators will appreciate the flexibility of the 6330, as it is ideal for moving large bales, loading feed, towing, compacting and more. The integrated left-hand reverser allows for quick directional changes regardless of the machine application being performed. The full frame also manages its load stresses even when the bucket is not evenly filled. This means there are fewer twisting forces at play on the engine and drive train components during operation to minimise wear and tear.

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Operator Comfort

The John Deere 6330 tractor has much to offer inside the cab. Operator visibility is outstanding with its expansive front window and optional roof hatch. These provide a broad field of vision where the rear drawbar view is unobstructed to permit quick and easy hook-ups. Designed for all-day comfort, the cab features easy access doors on the left and right, high capacity ventilation and noticeable space. The controls have been positioned in logical and easy-to-reach locations to minimise operator fatigue, and the tilt/telescopic steering column is designed to suit any operator. The instrumentation is easy to understand and moves with the steering column to ensure optimal visibility no matter who is driving.

Easy Maintenance

John Deere have ensured that maintaining and servicing your 6330 tractor is very straightforward. The single-piece tilting hood has two positions that enable easy access to the engine, radiator and other key components. First - the strong gas struts will hold the hood at 45-degrees while you work, or second - the hood can be vertically positioned for maximum accessibility. The engine oil change interval (rated at 500 hours), along with other vital clutch and brake components only require minimal maintenance through the easily accessed filter and access points. All the above result in lower costs of John Deere tractor ownership and more years of reliable operation.

Options and Attachments

There are several optional extras available for the 6330 tractor, including the Triple Link Suspension (front-wheel hydraulic absorption for increased operator comfort), guidance solutions and in-cab control features. And as you would expect, this John Deere tractor provides seamless and trouble-free attachment installations like balers and sprayers to meet your project tractor requirements.

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John Deere 6330 Tractor Full Specs


  • Stage III certified acc. 97/68/EC
  • Rated power (97/68 EC): 77 kW (105 Hp)
  • Maximum power (97/68/EC): 81 kW (110 Hp)
  • Rated power (ECE-R24): 74 kW (100 Hp)
  • Maximum Power (ECE-R24): 78 kW (106 Hp)
  • Cylinders/Turbo/Charge Air Cooler/Displacement: 4/T/X/4530 cm
  • Rated Speed: 2300 rpm
  • Max Power at Engine Speed: 2100 rpm
  • Engine Speed at Max. Torque: 1500 rpm
  • Constant Power Range: 500 rpm
  • Torque Reserve: 33%
  • Fuel Injection System: Full authority electronic engine management
  • Type of Injection: 2 Valve High Pressure CommonRail
  • Cooling: Dual Temperature Cooling
  • Fan: Temperature controlled viscous fan
  • Air Cleaner: PowerCore precleaning
  • Clutch: Oil cooled, PermaClutch 2225 mm diameter discs


  • SyncroPlus
  • 12/4; 2.5 – 30 km/h: Yes
  • PowerReverser: Electrical Left Hand PowerReverser with neutral position; F/R Ratio 1:1
  • 16/16; 1.9 – 30 km/h or 2.5 – 40 km/h: Yes
  • PowerQuad Plus: 4 powershiftable gears; Electrical Left Hand PowerReverser with neutral position; F/R Ratio 1:1
  • 16/16; 2.5 – 30 km/h: Yes
  • 16/16; 3.1 – 40 km/h: Yes
  • 20/20; 2.5 – 40 km/h: No
  • 24/24; 1.6 – 40 km/h: Yes
  • Additional 12/12 Creeper reduction 1:10: Option for PowerReverser and PowerQuad Transmission

PTO - Rear

  • PTO Clutch: Electro-hydraulically operated oil cooled multi-disc clutch
  • 540/540E/1000 (at rated PTO speeds): 2143/1684/2208


  • Foot brake: Oil cooled discs, self-equalising, self-adjusting
  • Parking lock: Transmission parking position
  • 4WD braking: Automatic 4WD engagement


  • 2WD version: Yes
  • Engagement 4WD: Electro-hydraulically operated, oil cooled clutch

Engine Performance

  • Engagement front differential lock: Automatic self-locking under full load
  • Engagement rear differential lock: Electro-hydraulically operated, oil-cooled multi-disc
  • Caster angle/turning radius w/o brakes 4WD: 12° / 4500 mm
  • Hydraulic System and 3-point-hitch
  • Type (base): Load sensing with constant flow pump (PC = pressure compensated)
  • Pump capacity (L/min) / max pressure with PC: 65 or 80 with 200 bar (PC)
  • Category: II opt. II/IIIN
  • Sensing type: Electronic lower link
  • Sensing modes: Load & depth control, infinite mix, float
  • Control modes: Height limiter, working depth, rate of drop, quick raise, quick pull-in; Hitch dampening
  • Max. lift capacity base/optional: 43.4/49.8 kN


  • Fuel Tank base/optional: 165/185 L
  • Alternator/Battery: 90/110 opt. 120/154 A/Ah
  • Hydraulic & Transmission oil/change interval: 50/1500 L/h
  • Engine Oil/change interval: 16/500 L/h
  • Engine Coolant/change interval: 24/3000 L/h


  • Specification: Tiltable cab; 310° all-round vision; climate control, telescoping and tiltable steering column/wheel; opt. FieldOffice
  • Sound Reduction/Level: 71 dB(A)
  • Display: Tilt with steering wheel

Dimensions & Weights

  • Wheelbase: 2400 mm
  • Width x Height x Length: 2316 x 2743 x 4289 mm
  • With tyre size: 16.9R24 and 18.4R38
  • Minimum shipping weight: 4745 kg
  • Maximum Permissible Gross Weight at 40 km/h: 8200 kg

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