Komatsu 730E-8 Dump Truck Review & Full Specs


Image source: Komatsu

Komatsu is a leading plant company known for their quality dump trucks. They provide reliable and durable equipment, which is clearly demonstrated with the Komatsu 730E-8 dump truck. This dump truck is fitted with a range of features to provide convenience during operation.

Komatsu 730E-8 Dump Truck Specs (overview)

  • Number of Cylinders: 16
  • Engine Make: Komatsu
  • Engine Model: SSDA16V159E-2
  • Gross Power: 1492 kW/ 2000 Hp
  • Net Power: 1405 kW/ 1884 Hp
  • Power Measured: 1900 rpm
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 724000 lb/ 328401 kg
  • For full specs - see below

Minimal Maintenance

When it comes to this Komatsu dump truck model, minimal maintenance is required even after long operational hours. The need for less intervention and downtime for repairs equates to optimum performance. Komtrax Plus is incorporated in this dump truck to allow the instant diagnostics or assessments of chassis, drive system components and key engine. This dump truck also has an automatic lubrication system and fast in-tank fuel system, all of which make handling this machine easier.

Durable Against External Elements

A perk of the 730E-8 dump truck is in its design to reduce damage from external elements. You can always rely on this dump truck with its steel casting used at critical frame pivot points and critical load-bearing sections of the advanced frame. This dump truck has been structurally enhanced to carry up to 181 tonnes. Thus, making it a trustworthy and steady machine in the construction industry that can survive harsh conditions.

Enhanced Cab

The Komatsu 730E-8 cab is built with ease, functionality, and comfort. In comparison to other Komatsu dump truck models, it has an extra-wide cab space and five-way adjustable operator seat. The air suspension seat also minimises operator fatigue as it absorbs the vibrations that are transmitted from the machine. For the best driving posture, this dump truck provides a tilt-telescopic steering column. Other features include heat and air conditioning, safety glass windows, double-sealed doors, acoustical insulation, reduced noise inside the cab, along with filtered or pressurised air to reduce dust.

Designed for the Australian Market

The Australian construction market highly values the innovative features of the Komatsu 730E-8 dump truck. The tight turning radius of 13.6 metres appropriately ensures outstanding manoeuvrability, tight loading and dumping purposes. Additionally, the double-acting hydraulic steering cylinders and the 6-point articulation system provides the ultimate steering control for minimal operator effort.

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Ensure Safety

The Komatsu 730E-8 dump truck has been designed to prioritise safe operation, especially with its wheel traction and spin slide control. This wheel traction control technology is highly efficient during slippery conditions. It automatically operates independently of the service brakes by detecting and correcting the wheel spin or slide. Another safety feature is the automatic speed control that allows the operator to choose a comfortable travel speed. It also manages the speed of each wheel independently and, at the same time, allows for any instant adjustments required during slippery conditions.

Convenient and Simple Technology

The Komatsu 730E-8 dump truck is easy to operate with its user-friendly approach. It contains an advanced monitoring system for better focus and work productivity. The system indicates and determines the maintenance items to the operator. It also minimises the diagnostic times and indicates oil filter replacement hours, among other things.


This dump truck has an economical design by helping the environment and reducing your costs. The 730E-8 truck uses the Komatsu SSDA16V159E-2 engine, which is U.S. E.P.A Tier 4 compliant. It also has 53 percent less hydraulic fluid in comparison to other similar mechanical drive trucks. Thus, it helps produce a lower environmental impact with more economical fluid replacement. The Komatsu company also deemed it important to establish the 10-10-20 payload policy as the necessary guidelines and limitations for loading.

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Komatsu 730E-8 Dump Truck Full Specs


  • Make and model: Komatsu SSA16V159E-2
  • Horsepower, Gross - SAE J1995: 2000 Hp/ 1492 kW
  • Horsepower, Net - ISO 9249: 1405 Hp
  • Horsepower, Net - SAE J1349: 1405 Hp
  • Rated RPM: 2000 Hp @1900 rpm
  • Displacement: 50.0002097 L
  • Number of cylinders: 16
  • Related information: U.S. E.P.A. Tier 4 compliant, Low noise and low vibration, and High-pressure MCRS or Modular Common Rail Fuel System


  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 328.400876 T
  • Nominal Payload: 181 T
  • Empty Vehicle Weight: 146.963928 T

Electric Drive

  • Ratio: 30.8:1
  • Alternator: GTA - 49
  • Control: AC Torque Control System
  • Motorised Wheels: GEB35 Traction Motors
  • Maximum Speed: 64.5 km/h

Electrical System

  • Alternator: 24 V, 250 am
  • Lighting: 24 V
  • Cranking Motors: Two/24 V


  • Service Brake Type: All-hydraulic actuated
  • Parking Brake Type: Spring-applied and hydraulically released with speed application protection
  • Front: Wheel speed disc. 3 calipers on 1213 mm / 47.75\" O.D. disc
  • Rear: Dual disc armature speed. Two 635 mm / 25\" O.D. discs per side. 1 caliper per disc.
  • Emergency Brakes: Automatically applied before hydraulic system pressure dropping below the level needed to meet secondary stopping requirements
  • Wheel Brake Locks: Switch-activated
  • Electric Dynamic Retarder (maximum): 2387 kW Continuously rated high-density blown grids w/retard at engine idle and reverse propulsion

Hydraulic System

  • Hoist Cylinder: Two 3-stage dual-acting outbound cylinders and internal cushion valve, over-centre damping
  • Relief Pressure: Hoist-17237 kPa 2,500 psi, Steering, and brake-27580 kPa 4,000 psi
  • Hoist Time
    • Power-up loaded: 19 sec
    • Power-down: 10.5 sec
    • Float-down empty: 12 sec
  • Turning Circle Diameter (SAE): 89 ft in
  • Reservoir: 135 gal
  • Filtration: In-line replaceable elements
  • Suction: Single, full flow, 100 mesh
  • Hoist and Steering: Dual, in-line, high pressure
  • Pumps: Two pumps, single package, end of alternator


  • Overall length: 137001.504 mm
  • Overall height: 68101.464 mm
  • Wheelbase: 58402.728 mm

Service Information

  • Fuel tank: 831.1 gal
  • Cooling System: 116.5 gal
  • Hydraulic System: 210.1 gal
  • Crankcase: 59 gal
  • Motor Gear Box: 10.1 gal


  • Standard Tire: 37.00 R57

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