Komatsu 930E-5 Dump Truck Review & Full Specs

The 930E-5 dump truck is known for its solid and reliable performance in rigorous mining environments. This new truck model is packed with high-class features including the capacity to haul up to 304 tonnes, depending on installed features and body weights, along with its powerful 2014 kW/2700 Hp engine. This version has economically efficient emission advantages when compared to its predecessors because of its intuitive engine platform and drive system management technology. The new generation dump truck cabin offers high levels of operational comfort and safety for its operators. It also comes standard with the Komtrax Plus 2 remote monitoring and location system, which is supported by an Australia-wide service and support network.


Komatsu 930E-5 Dump Truck Specs (overview)

  • Number of Cylinders: 16
  • Engine Make: Komatsu
  • Engine Model: SSDA16V160
  • Gross Power: 2700 Hp
  • Net Power: 2588 Hp
  • Power Measured: 1800 rpm
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • For full specs - see below

Productivity Features

1. Komatsu High Horsepower Engine

The Komatsu 2,014 kW/2,700 HP engine is designed to operate on most mining applications without experiencing power loss. Fuel efficiency is also maximised with optimised air handling and two-stage turbocharging. Here are a few standard features:

  • A standard pre-lube system built to minimise start-up wear and increase overhaul life
  • CENSES on-board monitoring of engine performance for all the cylinders
  • ELIMINATORS filtration system reduces oil and filter changes by as much as one-third

2. AC Electric Drive System

The GTA51 traction alternator, combined with GE:111068 wheel motors and Invertex AC control system, offers trusted performance and easy maintenance. Invertex provides independent control of the rear wheel motors to provide outstanding wheel traction during wet and slippery conditions. This boosts tire wear as well as increases operator confidence and safety on site. The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverter system offers the highest reliability for the dump truck. The IGBT inverter is more compressed and more modest than the design of its predecessor, the Gate Turn Off (GTO) inverter, which improves serviceability and minimises routine maintenance.

3. Electric Dynamic Retarder

The 4027 kW/5,400 HP retarding system offers high quality braking capacity for navigating mining applications with steep, continuous descents and sharp switchbacks. Continuous retarding capacity improves machine productivity while removing the need for excessive mechanical braking effort.

4. Cruise Control

The Komatsu 930E-5 cruise control allows the operator to focus on steering and situational awareness while maintaining a continuous speed. A set speed indicator offers confirmation that the truck speed matches the desired speed selected by the operator, along with easy-to-operate automotive style controls.

5. Tight Turning Radius

The Komatsu 930E-5 power steering system offers effective steering control with minimal operator effort. This is possible with the help of the double-acting hydraulic steering cylinders and six-point articulation linkage. The ISO-7457 turning circle measures the dump truck diameter as 32 metres, providing superior manoeuvrability for heavy loading and dumping conditions. The steering accumulators conform with ISO-5010 standards.

Better Productivity and Safety

This Komatsu dump truck is equipped with several safety and productivity enhancements that are essential for seamless operation. This dump truck has a higher gross vehicle mass to allow haulage of heavier payloads and the latest vehicle vision system to improve operator visibility. This machine has been designed with the latest engine and drive system technology that minimises parasitic loads and results in a more responsive drive. These improvements maintain the reputation of the lowest cost and tonne dump truck on the market.

Easy Maintenance

The Komatsu 930E-5 dump truck is installed with many services and convenience items through the front left bumper in-line with the original entry to the machine. This central location streamlines maintenance events, minimising the duration the truck is out of service for routine upkeep. This dump truck includes:

  • Auto-lubrication tank and controls
  • Power, starter and drive system lockout, such as lock-out or tag-out capable switches
  • Emergency engine shut-down controls
  • Fluid service centre, including coolant, engine oil, hydraulic oil or grease fill
  • Hydraulic step-up and down switch (hydraulic stairs are optional)

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Improved Reliability

The Komatsu dump truck is known for its reliability, durability, and ease of maintenance. The latest machine model includes high-end technology and engineering developments that minimise repair time, increase intervals between servicing and planned component replacements.

Reduction in Environmental Footprint

The latest developments in drive systems and engines include features that reduce fuel consumption, particulate matter emissions and noise emissions. The engine can be configured with elective after treatments to meet stringent Tier 4 emission standards. Fluid consumption rates and waste management costs are reduced by electronically controlled fuel injection and improved vehicle filtration systems.

With the help of the 2,014 kW/2,700 HP Tier 4 Final engine, operators can expect up to 5 percent less fuel consumption and a 320-tonne payload. The Komatsu dump truck has improved overtime with electric drive trucks as leading pieces of equipment in the mining truck market. The Komatsu 930E-5 is the perfect match for large-scale mining applications with their large bucket shovels similar to the Komatsu PC7000 and PC8000.

The Komatsu 930E-5 dump truck features are designed to boost truck performance and minimise cost per tonne. These features include:

  • Powerful (16 cylinder) Komatsu SSDA18V160-4 Tier 4 Final engine, using DEF and SCR technology as an alternative to mufflers for improved noise reduction
  • Harmony between Tier 2 and Tier 4 engines to keep reliability high and maintenance costs low
  • Incorporation of DEF tank reservoir and delivery lines, plus-level and quality sensors
  • DEF tank built to perform in cold conditions
  • Thaw capability to flow DEF within 70 minutes of equipment start
  • Thermostatically controlled engine coolant loop in DEF sump head
  • Heated lines from DEF tank to SCR unit
  • Lower total fluid cost compared to Tier 2 engine
  • Fuel saver technology
  • Tight 15.8 metre turning radius
  • Electric fan for wheel motor and control cabinet cooling to reduce horsepower loss along with on-demand auxiliary cooling to meet thermal demands

A diversity of options and standard features further improve the convenience and lower cost of this dump truck. These include:

  • Ergonomically built cab with an ultra-quiet, operator exposure sound level
  • User-friendly display that shows fault codes, payload information and maintenance details
  • Komtrax Plus is a complete service and support program that uses a satellite-based communication system to provide a new vision for monitoring
  • By offering insight into serious operating metrics, the operator can monitor key performance indicators for increased availability, lowered operating costs and maximised fuel efficiency
  • PLM IV (payload monitoring system) can stock up to 20,480 downloadable records of data including payload, cycle times, load count and fault codes.
  • This system also serves as a critical tool to monitor truck production and avoid overload conditions that place unwarranted pressure on components.
  • The PLM IV uses an easy and seamless web interface for downloads and connects to other systems utilising Ethernet, CAN bus and USB technology
  • A ground level isolation station utilises lockout/tag out functional switches to segregate machine power, limit starter engagement or disable propulsion

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Komatsu 930E-5 Dump Truck Full Specs


  • Make and model: Komatsu SSDA16V160
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Number of cylinders: 16
  • Operating cycle: 4 cycle
  • Gross horsepower: 2014 kW/ 2700 Hp @ 1800 rpm
  • Net flywheel power: 1930 kW/ 2588 Hp @ 1800 rpm
  • Weight (wet): 8966 kg/ 19767 lb
  • Weight (dry): 8471 kg/ 18675 lb

Hydraulic System

  • Steering: Accumulator assisted with twin double acting cylinders provide constant rate steering
  • Turning circle diameter (SAE): 32 metres
  • Reservoir: 947 L
  • Filtration: In-line replaceable elements
    • Suction: Single, full-flow, 100 mesh
    • Hoist and steering: Dual, in-line, high pressure
  • Brake component cabinet: Above deck, easily accessible with diagnostic test connections
  • Hoist: Two 3-stage dual acting outboard cylinders, internal cushion valve, over-centre dampening
  • Hoist times
    • Power-up loaded: 21 sec
    • Power-down: 12 sec
    • Float-down empty: 18 sec
  • Pumps: Two pumps, single package, in-line
  • Hoist and brake cooling: Tandem gear pump with output of 931 lpm 246 gpm at 1900 rpm and 22063 kPa/ 3200 psi
  • Steering and brake: Variable displacement piston pump with output of 246 lpm 65 gpm at 1900 rpm
  • System relief pressures
    • Hoist and brake cooling: 17237 kPa/ 2750 psi
    • Steering and brake: 27579 kPa/ 4000 psi

Electric Drive

  • AC/DC Current
  • Alternator: GTA-51
  • Control: AC Torque Control System
  • Motorised wheels: GDY106-B Induction Traction Motors
  • Speed (maximum): 64.5 km/h


  • Plate material: 482.6 mPa/ 70000 psi tensile strength steel
  • Casting material: 620.5 mPa/ 90000 psi tensile strength steel
  • Rail width: 305 mm/ 12”
  • Rail depth (minimum): 864 mm/ 34”
  • Top and bottom plate thickness: 45 mm/ 1.77”
  • Side plate thickness: 25 mm/ 0.98” Rear, 32 mm 1.26” Front
  • Drive axle mounting: Pin and spherical bushing
  • Drive axle alignment: Swing link between frame and axle

Braking System

  • Service brakes: Oil-cooled, hydraulic actuated, multiple disc brakes at each wheel
  • Traction system: Wheel spin-slide control
  • Max. service apply pressure: 7237 kPa/ 2500 psi
  • Total friction area per brake: 97025 cm 2 / 15038 in 2
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