Komatsu HD785-7 Dump Truck Review & Full Specs

The world-renowned Komatsu trucks were first introduced to the construction market in 2006 throughout Indonesia. Today, they can be seen across the globe. The Komatsu HD785-7 dump truck is a class apart with a capacity of 91 tonnes and a mechanical drive. This dump truck possesses the highest brake retardation and stands 5.05 metres tall. More attractive features exist within this new and improved Komatsu dump truck - explained below.



Komatsu HD785-7 Dump Truck Specs (overview)

  • Number of Cylinders: 12
  • Engine Make: Komatsu
  • Engine Model: SAA12V140E-3
  • Gross Power: 895 kW/ 1200 Hp
  • Net Power: 879 kW/ 1178 Hp
  • Power Measured: 1900 rpm
  • Displacement: Turbocharged, after-cooled
  • Aspiration: 30.48 L
  • For full specs - see below


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With an under mirror providing a wide field of vision, a slip-resistant plate, parking brakes on all four wheels, optional anti-lock brake and more, the Komatsu HD785-7 dump truck is without a doubt one of the safest on the market. Another advantage of investing in this Komatsu dump truck is its environmental consciousness. This is something a number of automobile companies strive for. This Komatsu dump truck is equipped with an upgraded engine and ensures that it is EPA Tier 2 certified. It has a lead-free radiator, low levels of operation noise and consumes minimal fuel. The Komatsu 785 is manufactured within a few strict guidelines and many operators swear by its easy maintenance. So, why wait any longer? Gear up and make this reliable, reasonable, and efficient purchase.



High-Performance Engine

The Komatsu dump truck has a unique SAA12V140E-3 engine that is known to deliver faster acceleration and faster travel speeds with high horsepower per tonne. This engine was granted the U.S. EPA Tier 2 emission certification with its advanced technologies like the air-to-air aftercooler and High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) injection system. Maximum productivity is guaranteed with this engine’s impressive acceleration and low fuel consumption.


Mode Selection System

The mode selection system makes the Komatsu 785 dump truck truly unique. It allows the operator to select the appropriate engine output mode according to the working conditions. The two modes include the Power mode and Economy mode. The Power mode uses horsepower to attain optimal production. This mode is favourable for uphill travel and makes throughput a top priority. On the other hand, the Economy mode sets the horsepower at a low level to reduce fuel consumption. The machine maintains adequate power for normal operation in this mode.

The mode of your choice can be easily selected with the help of a switch in the operator cab. The Economy mode can be selected when the key switch is on. The Power mode can be selected using the switch whenever needed. In both the Power and Economy modes, the Variable Horsepower Control system detects whether the machine is loaded or unloaded and then selects the optimum horsepower setting mode for high production and low fuel consumption.


F7-R2 (RH/RL) Fully Automatic Transmission

The transmission of this Komatsu dump truck is configured with seven forward gears and two reverse gears. Automatic control is applied to all forward gears, and the optimum gear is automatically selected according to the engine speed. The shifting point is also automatically selected based on the acceleration of the machine to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption.


Two-Speed Selective Reverse Gears

The Komatsu HD785 provides two reverse gears making this dump truck suitable for a wide range of operating conditions. The switch on the panel allows the operator to appropriately select between the RH and RL gears depending on the job site conditions. Moreover, the reverse gear is equipped with a lockup clutch, like the forward gears.
  • RH is usually appropriate for normal operation and the machine can be reversed at higher speeds with the unique lockup clutch.
  • RL is well suited for operation on steep grades.

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Multiple Disc Retarders

The Komatsu 785 dump truck possesses a unique 4-wheel oil-cooled multiple disc retarder that equally applies a retarding force between the four wheels. This reduces the risk of tire-lock and enables effective use of retarder capacity, providing stable and effortless travel on downhill slopes.



ARSC gives the operator the freedom to set the downhill travel speed at a constant speed. This allows the operator to wholly focus on steering. The speed can be set at increments of 1 km/h per click to match the ideal speed for the slope. The retarder cooling oil temperature is constantly monitored, and if the situation demands, the descent speed can be automatically reduced.


Excellent Visibility

The Komatsu dump truck is well-equipped with wide transparent areas on the front, side and back. This upholstered and comfortable interior environment provides the operator with a clear view and allows them to safely control every aspect of the operation.


Easy-To-Use Panel

The instrument panel in the Komatsu HD785 dump truck is user-friendly, making it easy for the operator to monitor important machine conditions. This dump truck is embedded with a caution light that warns the operator of any malfunctions that are occurring.


Synchronous Control of Engine and Transmission

While shifting gears, the engine speed of the Komatsu HD785-7 dump truck is controlled to coincide with the transmission rotation speed, which aids in reducing shifting shocks. The synchronous control also contributes to improving the durability of the powertrain.


The MacPherson Strut Type Front Suspension

The MacPherson suspensions are installed on the front wheels of the dump truck. A linkage arrangement with less friction allows the front wheels to follow the undulation of the road smoothly, thus providing world-class riding comfort.



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Komatsu HD785-7 Dump Truck Full Specs


  • Capacity
    • Struck: 40 m 3
    • Heaped (2:1, SAE): 60 m 3
  • Rated payload: 91.7 metric tonnes
  • Material: 400 Brinell hardness high tensile strength steel
  • Structure: V-shape body with V-bottom
  • Material thickness
    • Bottom: 19 mm
    • Front: 12 mm
    • Sides: 9 mm
  • Target area
    • (Inside length x width): 7070 mm x 5150 mm
  • Dumping angle: 48°
  • Height fully raised: 10080 mm
  • Bond prevention: Heating by exhaust gas


  • Empty weight: 72000 kg, excluding the optional equipment and operator
  • Gross vehicle weight: 163780 kg, inclusive of the optional equipment, operator and payload


  • Make and model: Komatsu SAA12V140E-3
  • Type: Water-cooled, 4-cycle
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged, after-cooled
  • Number of cylinders: 12
  • Bore x Stroke: 140 mm x 165 mm
  • Piston displacement: 30.48 L
  • Horsepower
    • SAE J1995: Gross 895 kW 1200 Hp
    • ISO 9249 / SAE J1349: Net 879 kW 1178 Hp
    • Rated rpm: 1900 min-1
  • Fan drive type: Mechanical
  • Maximum torque: 5080 N m 518 kgm
  • Fuel system: Direct injection
  • Governor: Electronic control
  • Lubrication system
    • Method: Gear pump, force-lubrication
    • Filter: Full-flow type
  • Air cleaner: Dry type with double elements and pre-cleaners, with dust indicator


  • Torque converter: 3-elements, 1-stage, 2-phase
  • Transmission: Full-automatic, planetary-gear type
  • Number of gear: 7 forward and 2 reverse (RH, RL)
  • Lockup clutch: Wet, multiple-disk clutch
  • Forward: Torque converter drive in 1st gear, direct drive in 1st lockup and all higher gears
  • Reverse: Torque converter drive, direct drive (Lockup)
  • Shift control: Electronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation in all gears
  • Maximum travel speed: 65 km/h

Steering system

  • Type: Fully hydraulic power steering with two double-acting cylinders
  • Secondary steering: Meets ISO 5010, SAE J1511
  • Minimum turning radius: 10.1 m
  • Maximum steering angle: 41°

Hydraulic system

  • Hoist cylinder: Twin, 2-stage telescopic type
  • Relief pressure: 20.6 MPa 210 kgf/cm2
  • Hoist time
    • Raise: 13 sec
    • Lower: 14 sec
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