Landscaping in the Australian Summer Tips

Australian Landscape

Landscaping in summer

To keep your garden lush and green in the Australian summer, it is important to take care of your landscaping to make sure nothing dies. We do recommend to consulting with a professional to give you best suited landscaping tips to help you sustain your garden through the hot Australian summer. Most importantly don't forget to enjoy your landscaping. 

Lawn care in the summer


In summer is important to maintain mowing once a week but make sure that your not mowing the grass too low. You also want to slightly increase your watering, with watering at the start of day and afternoon. To maintain a healthy lanscape, it is also important to understand the correct feeding and fertilizing. It is always good to consult with a landscaping professional to understand what your lawn needs to stay healthy. Another crucial factor is to regularly checking for pests as these infestations can pose a threat to all your hard work.

Our tips are to:

  • Maintain mowing once a week
  • Slight increase to watering 
  • Feed and fertilize appropriately
  • Regularly check for pests 

Lawn care in summer heat


With the scorching Australian summer heat it is important to increase the watering as the sunligt absorbs a substantial amount of your gardens water. Another recommendation is to mulch your garden before the summer seasons begins, this prevents from water loss.

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