Myalup-Wellington Water Project - Latest News and Updates

Priority Status: Priority Project

State: WA 

Myalup-Wellington Water Project Project Plan

Myalup-Wellington Water Project Cost: 394.1 million

Federal Funding: TBD WA State Government Funding: TBD

Myalup-Wellington Water Project Construction Details

Situated 200 km south of Perth and east of Bunbury in Western Australia, the Wellington Dam project involves a number of below and above dam works. These are centred on increasing water distribution efficiency and decreasing salinity in Wellington Dam and the surrounding areas.

Myalup-Wellington Water Project Jobs & Community Plan

Projected Jobs For Myalup-Wellington Water Project: 830 during construction phase

The necessity of the Myalup–Wellington Water Project spawns from increased salinity in the dam catchment and inefficient water distribution infrastructure below the dam itself. A reduction in fruit and vegetable yields in the MIAP (Myalup Irrigated Agricultural Precinct) has resulted from increased salinity and unreliability of groundwater. This has seen growers move away from agricultural activities in the Collie River Irrigation District. With approximately 60% of the horticultural outputs of the south-west coming from the MIAP, it is of vital importance to Western Australia and more broadly, the potential for Australia's exports and domestic produce supply. A shortage of water supply and the increased salinity have been increasing concerns of growers in the area as regional productivity suffers as a result.

Myalup-Wellington Water Project Upgrade Timeline

Myalup-Wellington Water Project - Construction: 2020

Myalup-Wellington Water Project- Completion Date: 2021 - 2025

Myalup-Wellington Water Project- Timeframe: 0-5 years