myFleet: Your All-In-One Fleet Management System

myFleet: Your All-In-One Fleet Management System

June this year marked the highly anticipated debut of myFleet, a comprehensive, no cost solution that consolidates your machine data into a single platform, streamlining heavy equipment fleet management and removing the hassle of navigating multiple platforms.

National Manager for ICT and Fleet Management Steve Williams oversees many of Komatsu's information and communication technology (ICT) platforms, primarily for construction machinery. This includes Komtrax, a remote monitoring system, which is provided at no cost with all new and premium Komatsu used equipment, and he was instrumental in the development of myFleet.

“Since the launch of myFleet, customers have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, praising the convenience of having a single platform for all their machinery-related information,” Steve says. “They've reported improved efficiency, reduced costs, minimised downtime and streamlined operations.”


Comprehensive fleet information at your fingertips

The myFleet platform offers a comprehensive display of fleet information, including service reports and identified defects by Komatsu's technicians during maintenance events, latest fluid sample results and recommendations, Komtrax location, operating trends and fuel consumption, along with undercarriage inspections that the team complete on your machines.

“Consolidating this information into one platform gives you the ability to achieve a thorough understanding of your fleet's past and future activities. 

“For instance, if your machine is due for a 500-hour service, you can easily see in the platform when it is due, giving you ample time to either purchase necessary parts for a self-service or to schedule a service appointment with Komatsu, which can be done through myFleet.”


Maximising Downtime

The myFleet system offers construction businesses a valuable tool for minimising downtime, particularly in the area of planning. It provides visibility into upcoming service schedules, estimated based on your machine’s current usage profile, allowing you to align your project planning accordingly.

“Nothing is more frustrating than being in the middle of a job and realising that one of your machines needs servicing, which of course takes that machine out of action and disrupts project delivery,” Steve says. “With myFleet, you can forward plan to keep your fleet and operations running smoothly.”

To further assist you with planning, myFleet monitors and tracks machine health by collecting data from platforms like Komtrax. This data can alert you to machine abnormalities (error codes), fluid sample results or defects identified during services. By monitoring each machine's status in myFleet, you can proactively address issues before they escalate, reducing potential downtime. 


Benchmarking for fleet success

“Another feature we provide through myFleet is benchmarking,” Steve says. Using this information, you can compare your individual machine’s performance and workload against the rest of the Komatsu population, providing you with valuable information to see if there is room for improvement with your fleet, or if they meet industry standards.”

With sustainability emerging as a top priority in the industry, many construction companies are now monitoring their carbon emissions, particularly those produced from fuel usage. On the myFleet dashboard, you can also access data not only on fuel usage but also on the carbon emissions generated by each machine. 

“The capacity to review and analyse fuel consumption within myFleet holds considerable promise in these emission reduction efforts,” Steve says.


Continuous Optimisation

A majority of major telemetry and inspections data from machines are now fed into myFleet, making it a one-stop-shop for owners of Komatsu machines. It offers significant advantages to construction contractors of all sizes, from small, family-owned businesses with one or two machines to large-scale Tier 1 contractors with 100 plus machines in their fleet.

“We are committed to ongoing development of myFleet, continually adding new features and functions to support our customers on their business journey.” 

Gone are the days of construction companies having to use multiple platforms to manage their fleet. Komatsu's ever-evolving myFleet system is redefining fleet management, pioneering a new era of simplicity and efficiency.