[Now Live] Politely Decline Jobs via Text


What is it? We have just launched the ability to quickly and politely decline a job straight from a Job Lead iSeekplant texts you.

We know that our suppliers aren't always available to handle a job, you might be fully booked or just can't handle that specific bit of work.

So rather than making you type out a response declining a job we've introduced the below process:

You'll receive a Job Lead via text message

You can respond as per usual if you want to talk further about the job OR you can hit a link down the bottom of the message to politely decline

When you click the politely decline link, we will send the Seeker a message letting them know you have politely declined the Job

This is what we send the Seeker on your behalf

Hi Seeker Name,

Thank you very much for your enquiry, but unfortunately, we will not be available to quote for your enquiry about a machine/service in location.

Let us know if you have any flexibility as we may be able to quote for a similar machine or service that can get the job done.

Please keep us in mind for any future work you may need to be completed.

Regards Your Company Name

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