Lowcock Builders Revolutionises Precision Construction with Topcon Technology


Lowcock Builders Revolutionises Precision Construction with Topcon Technology

By Garcon Keelan, Industry Journalist & Head of Sales at iseekplant

In the heart of Bowen, Queensland, a fourth-generation family-owned construction business, Lowcock Builders, is redefining precision and efficiency in their projects. Specialising in commercial builds, Lowcock Builders has embraced Topcon's surveying and machine control technology to streamline workflows and elevate project accuracy.

The adoption of Topcon's LN-150 robotic total station has been a game-changer for Lowcock Builders, enabling fast and precise set-outs without the need for manual adjustments or offsetting from PDF plans. This fully-robotic, one-person setup has replaced the need for cumbersome, two-person-operated instruments, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

The integration of Topcon's FC-6000 field controller with MAGNET Field software has further amplified the benefits. This combination allows for optical positioning technology, ensuring survey-grade accuracy in setting out plans and verifying work.

One of the pivotal advancements for Lowcock Builders has been the incorporation of Topcon's MC-Mobile system. Initially utilising the LN-150 for staking out and as-builts, the MC-Mobile system has extended their capabilities to machine control. Mounted on an ASV Posi-Track with a box blade and a 1.7-tonne excavator, the MC-Mobile system integrates with the LN-150 total station, enabling millimetre-accurate earthworks. This system, coupled with an Android tablet running Topcon Pocket3D software, provides unparalleled control and accuracy in construction operations.


Despite not utilising the design aspects of the system, Lowcock Builders acknowledges its potential. With in-house drafting capabilities, they have the flexibility to create designs that seamlessly integrate with the MC-Mobile system, further enhancing their workflow.

The team at Lowcock Builders has embraced this technology wholeheartedly, utilising it for all aspects of their projects, from staking out to levelling pads, civil subgrades, drainage, electrical, tilt panels, and plumbing. This comprehensive approach ensures that everything is built to design, minimising rework and delays.

With the support and training provided by Aptella, Topcon's Australian distributor, the transition to this technology has been smooth for Lowcock Builders. The Tokara platform has been instrumental in providing quick and efficient support, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.

In conclusion, Lowcock Builders' adoption of Topcon's technology has not only revolutionised their construction processes but has also set a new standard for precision and efficiency in the industry. From the initial set-out to the final build, Topcon's solutions have empowered Lowcock Builders to achieve accuracy from the get-go, setting a benchmark for excellence in construction.