Sandblasting cost guide: How much do sandblasting services cost?

Sand blasting is a complicated process that requires special training, gear, and safety equipment. It can only be performed by experts as it involves several difficult elements. Also called abrasive blasting, it involves using high pressure to forcefully propel abrasive material against a surface. The process is used to remove contaminants, give a desired shape to a surface, and roughen a smooth area. It works on most metal surfaces including steel. However, since it requires expertise and specialised tools, you will have to hire experts. In most cases, it will cost you between $200 to $250 per hour . The total bill will depend on several factors including your location, the area, and so on.

Formula to calculate sandblasting cost per m2

Calculating the true cost of sandblasting is now easier than ever thanks to a simple formula that will give you the result in an instant. With this formula, you will be able to identify the cheaper abrasive option so you can save money.

Here's the formula: A (B + C) + D + E / X A = Consumption of abrasive B = Delivered cost of abrasive C = Abrasive disposal cost D = Cost of labour E = Cost of equipment X = Blasting speed (calculated in square metre or square foot per hour).

You will have to gather data to be able to calculate the final figure. Remember that the total cost will change from provider to provider, hence make sure to talk to different companies so you have enough data to compare different options. Don't be afraid of asking questions when comparing sandblasting services. You must have all costs including equipment cost, disposal costs, and more.

How to estimate sand blasting costs

Size of job

Technically speaking, the bigger the job, the costlier the final bill. Providers refer to the area when talking about the size. Larger spaces require more labour hours, material. However, there may also be discounts for bigger projects.

Type of sandblasting required

There are about 10 types of sand blasting including wet blasting, vacuum blasting, water blasting, soda blasting, bristle blasting, dry ice blasting, and pencil blasting. It is important to choose the option that offers the best value. All these options differ in terms of price, technique, and result and some are more expensive than others. Also, not all sandblasting methods may be apt for all surfaces. What works for wood might not work for your car, for example.

Interior vs exterior sandblasting

Sandblasting is more common outdoors but an increasing number of people are now choosing to get it done indoors. The latter will cost you more as it requires more expertise and equipment. Contact a business that offers interior services if you need both.

Location of the job

Prices differ from city to city. Melbourne, for example, is a bit expensive compared to Perth. This is why it is important that you only look at the local industry and contact nearby companies when collecting quotes. Prices differ as labour costs and other such variables change from city to city.

Amount of prep work needed

Some sandblasting jobs are more complicated than others. The guy that you hire to sandblast the surface may have to take advice from others, perform research, look at available painting options, remove debris, and find the best option to remove corrosion and rust after having to heat the surface. All this takes time and money, which can add to the final amount you'd be asked to pay for complete services.

What are the main benefits of sandblasting?

Restores equipment

Sand blasting can be used to add life to old equipment. Tools that have been lying for years catch dust and rust and are often considered useless. Sandblasting can be used to restore and put them to good use. Powder coating, for example, can even be used to make your car look new again.

Makes your equipment look new

Sand blasting or coating is a fast and reliable way to make old equipment look new. This does not only enhance the visual appeal of older tools but also makes them last longer. This is also why many people choose this technique before selling old equipment. It can enhance their value and ensure they fetch a good price.

Doesn't use harsh chemicals

Sandblasting is considered safe as it does not use any harsh chemicals, as a result it can be used on a variety of surfaces without any issues. You will not lose the colours or paint. This is a major reason why abrasive media blast is so popular in Australia.


Tips for hiring a sand blasting company

There are a huge number of businesses offering sandblasting services. It is important that you compare all options and choose the business that offers the best advice. Ideally, work with a company that has blasted a variety of materials so that you are in safe hands. You can gauge quality by looking at samples or surfaces that they have blasted.

Make sure to get a fixed quote

Negotiate and ensure that you are clear about how much sandblasting costs so that there are no surprises in the end. Get everything about abrasive media in writing and make sure there are no hidden costs. You can also ask the factors they consider when calculating abrasive media costs. You will not be able to find the cheaper option if you do not have a fixed cost.

Work with a company that offers customer support

It is important that you choose a company with friendly staff members so that you have no difficulty getting answers to your questions. Work with a team that is easy to contact and always available to answer your questions about abrasive media coating, removing dirt, etc.

Spend time checking reviews

Talk to the company to know what surfaces they have sandblasted and check the official site, third-party platforms, and their social media pages to know how good or bad they are at coating. You might even be able to see pictures of what they have blasted.

Ensure the company is licenced and registered

Only work with a company that is registered to operate in your area and provide powder coating, abrasive media, and other such services. You can contact the team to ask for registration details.

Ask questions about safety and standards

Do not shy away from asking questions related to safety and standards. Ask how they treat particles, glass, aluminium, and other metals. Make sure to choose a firm that offers high speeds and only uses a non toxic method to get the job done. You can also ask about the different services they offer and what kinds of surfaces they have sandblasted. In addition, look at environmental fines they have paid, if any, and if they've been in any controversies. A Google search will answer some of your questions.

Find the best sandblasting company

This is all you need to know about sandblasting. Still have questions about how metal sandblasting works and why you need to sandblast a surface? Get in touch with us to know more. We can provide a list of registered and reliable abrasive service providers that offer blast, paint, and coating services. Our abrasive blasting suppliers are experienced and affordable and have sand blasted different surfaces. Get easy quotes with our Get a Quote Tool , or email our team today.