Apprentice's Frantic Search For Spirit Level Bubbles Reaches 10th Hour

Kyle Newguy (18) has today been spotted anxiously pacing around a local Bunnings Warehouse in a marathon-length search for bubbles to go inside of a spirit level.

Noticeably worried and eager to impress his new boss, Kyle says that he “wouldn’t have been asked to go unless it was important.”

However, time is running out for the young worker as he clocks up his 600th minute in the store.

“I just don’t understand where they could be kept,” he said. “I’m on my twelfth Bunnings snag out of pure starvation. I’ve literally been here for hours, and whenever I ask for help I just get laughed at for some reason”.

Our reporter asked one of the staff members in the store to shed some light on the developing story.

“Yeah, honestly it’s a bloody good laugh,” said Wayne (43). “We’ll get one of these young blokes every couple of weeks coming in looking for the bubbles. We’ve even started placing bets on how long it’ll take for the penny to drop.”

“Kyle here has just broken the previous record of 6 hours.”

When asked why the workers wouldn’t assist the baby-faced apprentice, Wayne chuckled.

“Mate. You try selling barbecues for a living. It’s not as exciting as it looks.”

With the store set to close its doors for the day in a matter of minutes, Kyle was finally spotted with items at the checkout. “I couldn’t find the bubbles, but I got some other stuff the boss wanted.”

“This could pass as a left-handed screwdriver, right?”

More to come on this unfolding story.