Tesla Launches the World's First Electric Driverless Dozer

Tesla Launches the World’s First Electric Driverless Dozer

Today, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announces that they have the world’s first electric dozer in production, due for an October 2025 delivery date.

Tesla will be the first electric vehicle company to launch in the earthmoving market, with many of the incumbents like Caterpillar and Komatsu concerned about the car juggernaut entering the construction equipment market.

Elon Musk made a statement, which he uploaded to his flailing social media company, X.

Elon Musk: “Tesla saw an opportunity to produce the world’s first electric dozer. We took feedback from dozer operators across the world. They love the two hours of operation, and 12 hours of charging.”

The electric dozer, which will be the first dozer on the market with zero carbon emissions, is touted to revolutionize the earthmoving market. Like its role in the car market, Tesla will force the global equipment incumbents to innovate and produce their own electric models.

As Musk stated, Tesla obtained significant market feedback before designing the electric dozer, including feedback from dozer operators, and construction contractors. 

Concerns have been raised by dozer operators that a fully automated and driverless dozer will reduce the work opportunities for people coming out of prison. However, Tesla has announced that the autonomous driving function still needs work, as some of the prototype models ran over traffic controllers on the sites during testing. It is likely that a fully autonomous dozer might be a second generation model, says the Company.

Tesla has built in some unique features of the dozer including asking the operator for their pronouns as part of the pre-start process. There is also a gender neutral voice guidance system which constantly tells the operators how to operate the machine better, in a more environmental and socially positive way.

The communication system onboard is more sophisticated than what is currently in the market. Tesla electric dozers come standard with fart noises in their computer operating system - meaning that dozer operators can easily outsource their ‘fart into the 2Way’ joke (a joke that most dozer operators have been running for decades), without the need for baked beans consumption at the camp breakfast bain marie. There is also a ‘Smart Sarcasm’ feature that plugs into the 2Way which constantly sends witty one liners to the other operators on the site, so the dozer operator can just shut up and focus on what they’re doing.

These innovative features, and Tesla’s brand reputation has the big dozer manufacturers shaking in their work boots. Catashi Chief Executive Ridge Crumplebum shared his candid thoughts from his mega yacht in San Francisco Bay. “The last thing we need in construction equipment is to be Elon-ed. That guy is a putz. Next thing you know, he’ll figure out we make all our money from over-priced servicing and parts. Then we’ll all be done. We’ll be done for good.”

Here at iseekplant, we’ll keep abreast of developments in the electric dozer space, and we’ll be sure to update you as the make-believe models head into production.

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