The Missed Call Follow Up You Needed

Ever get stuck in a never ending voicemail back and forth? We know getting someone to answer the phone is getting harder, and being available when they call back isn’t always possible. That’s why we’ve made improvements to the connection between Seekers and Suppliers on the marketplace. When you call a Seeker on iseekplant and they are unable to answer the phone, we engage them on your behalf to encourage a callback.

What does this mean? We send a quick text message stating you’ve tried to reach them regarding their job on iseekplant and to please give you a call back. This gives the seeker context as to the phone number that called them and increases the chances of them calling you back.

The text message states:

"Hi {Seeker Name Inserted}, I just tried to call you regarding the job you submitted via iseekplant. Please contact me so I can help you with your job."