Tow Truck Cost Guide 2022: How much does towing cost?

Hiring a tow truck is possibly the last thing you want to have to do if your car is broken down or you’ve been in an accident. But Tow trucks have other beneficial uses like moving your project car to and from different locations, or possibly moving large car parts. Finding the best rate for towing services is extremely important so you don’t get caught out, so our cost guide can help you get to grips with towing prices.


Pricing model of company

There are a few variables that play a role in the costs, but generally, it works like this:
  • $99 for up to 15 km
  • $3.30 per km after that (up to 200 km where it changes to an hourly rate)
Tow Distance (Regular Car) Tow Truck Cost
15km $99.00
20km $115.00
30km $148.50
40km $181.50
50km $214.50
Note that these prices are for a standard 4-tonne truck which will cover most jobs. If you have an oversized load or special circumstances, get in touch with tow truck hire suppliers. The suppliers can determine exactly which truck will work for you and if the cost will change.


Maximum regulated towing fees

Crash towing maximum regulated towing fee (for a standard tow):
  • $375.95 for the first 50 km
  • $7.45 for each kilometre over 50 km.
Private parking towing maximum regulated fees (for a standard tow):
  • $260.25 for release from the holding yard,
  • $156.15 for the onsite release of the vehicle after it is secured and ready for towing,
  • $26.00 per day for storing a private property towed vehicle in the holding yard.

Factors that influence the cost of hiring a tow truck



The distance required to reach your location will affect the towing cost. Some companies don’t charge for distances under a certain limit. But, they charge per mile after a certain limit. Therefore, you must ensure to get quality services if you are paying for everything. A professional towing company will reach you on time and offer unparalleled services any time of the day.


Size and type of vehicle

Another factor affecting the cost of your towing service is the size of your vehicle. Bigger and heavier vehicles such as 4×4, buses, or a coaster will require bigger towing trucks, and therefore, the cost will be higher. Make sure to provide accurate information of your vehicle type and size to your company so they can send off a suitable truck for your service. If you don’t know about your vehicle, send them a picture to let them know about its type.


Condition of vehicle

The condition of your vehicle also matters when determining the cost of a towing service. For example, if your car has gotten into an accident, special machinery would be required to handle it carefully. Or, if you have flat tires, you will need a flatbed towing truck, which costs more. Similarly, you will need special winching machines, automatic axles, and towing trucks to get the car out carefully if it is in a ditch or a trench.


Accessibility of location

The cost is also directly related to the accessibility of the location where you are stranded, and the company will charge you differently depending on whether you are in a residential area, highway, beach, or if the car is stuck in a ditch. The cost will depend on the time required to reach you and the scope of the work. For example, if your car has gone off-road and is stuck in a ditch, it will require heavy machines and specialized skills to get it out. Therefore, a company will charge you more for its services.


Day and time of use

Time also plays a major role in determining the cost of a towing service. Almost all towing companies charge more to provide their services at night than during the day. Similarly, the prices are higher on public holidays as fewer options are available on those days.

Car being loaded onto truck

Tips for hiring a tow truck company

Always use a quality tow truck service

Whether you’re calling for a tow truck or one has arrived at the scene, do your research. Take a look at their website and check for reviews on Google as well.


Take any necessary items out of the car

Take a moment to check through your car thoroughly. Take out any valuables and anything you might need in the coming days to save you an additional trip.


Separate your car key from your other important keys

Many of us keep our most important keys all on the same key ring. Since your tow truck driver will need your car key, make sure you separate it from the rest of your keys so that you won't be locked out of your house.


Wind up your windows

To protect your car from weather and prying eyes, it’s always a good idea to wind them up and make sure they’re closed completely.


Leave the car unlocked

Your driver will need access to your car to make sure it’s in neutral and the handbrake is off. They may also need to turn the steering wheel to get it loaded up safely.


Establish the price when you call

This is especially important if you haven’t done your research on the tow truck company you’re using. If you don’t talk price until your car is being unloaded at the other end, you’re leaving yourself very vulnerable.


How can I find the best tow truck hire rates?

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