Using concrete contractor software to boost your business

Concrete contractor software creates a solid foundation for any concreting business

As one of Australia’s most enduring construction sectors, the concreting industry has always found a way to roll ahead even in the face of some of the nation’s biggest challenges.

Recent waves of COVID-19 might have scattered workers from construction projects while sudden flooding has destroyed sites and delayed jobs, but still, even in the wake of such difficulties, it’s time to face the fact that one of the most constant challenges for any concreting contractor has always been the ability to establish themselves in a rapidly evolving and competitive marketplace.

A newly established contractor might stake a claim in their local area and become a competitor for local domestic concreting projects, but – as any business owner will tell you – there’s a difference between making small but comfortable earnings in local works and the ability to expand themselves beyond the foothold they’ve established in their local market.

More often than not, this can come down to a concreter's ability to embrace new technology that might assist with making an impact on their field.

After all, concreting commerce has long been an industry that is renowned for its versatility and adaptability. Whether it be for small-scale domestic projects or large-scale works in the civil, commercial, and industrial spheres, concreters have long been able to handle themselves with only an adaptive shift in their scale and management approach to be able to take on projects of different shapes and sizes.

Expanse is the name of the game in the construction industry. Bigger business means bigger earnings, more capital, larger jobs, more fleet and labour, and an increased presence on the industrial stage so that you no longer have to fight for local work amongst other small-scale concreting contractors seeking their big break.

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MYOB project management software helps businesses make the leap

You don’t have to be a business genius to be able to expand your company – but you do have to know how best to take advantage of the opportunities available to easily increase your business scale.

While providing customers with small-scale domestic work creates a solid bedrock to start any concreting business off on a good foundation, establishing yourself as a reputable contractor can be another, more multi-stepped matter entirely. More often than not, this requires the ability to tactically drive customers with a strong business ethic, while at the same time avoiding the most common pitfalls that challenge new construction businesses.

This is where using concrete contractor software like MYOB Advanced Construction can be a godsend for keeping track of your projects, employees, financials, and everything else that can cause headaches for your business practices.

Good business acumen is a given, but in the current economic climate technology is also vital to achieving this jump in trade autonomy, since one of the biggest challenges of a small-scale concreting business can typically be the leap from the simplicity of undertaking work as a sole contractor to managing increased finances, teams of employees, and large-scale client expectations.

As one of the most popular payroll software solutions for Australian businesses, MYOB is also a valuable tool to help manage business projects of all types. This allows for a concreting business to be able to keep track of a range of more advanced business operations they might not have had prior experience in, including job costing, compliance, reporting from multiple work sites, and more.

For a concreting contractor taking the leap into larger business enterprises, MYOB project management software allows for an easily manageable method of more advanced practices, from managing employee rosters and timesheets to calculating invoices, generating business reports, tracking budgets and rostering, and more.

In the long run, using integrated concrete contractor software makes it easier for businesses to expand their operations, corner their markets, and become a larger presence in their local economy. And for new concreters, it can easily help soothe the worry of jumping from the minor leagues to the major.