Washed Sand Prices: How much does washed sand cost?

Washed sand is the process of removing unwanted particles such as dust and clay from sand to make it safer and more usable for use within the construction industry. It is one of the most popular natural products. Its demand is very high for concreting purposes, however, it is also commonly used for plastering, fine rendering, channel projects, and kerb. Just like soil, you can go to a landscape material supplier to buy washed sand.


What is the average cost of washed sand?

Before we talk about prices, please note that the cost depends on several factors including your location, project requirements, and more.

Washed sand being processed at an open pit mine

Washed sand is more expensive in big cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Comparatively, it is more affordable in Perth and other smaller cities in Australia. Also, we must mention that the price differs from company to company. It might be a good idea to ask for more information on prices and search for the best suppliers so you can get the right amount at a suitable price.

Per m3

Expect to spend about $119.00 to purchase m3 of fine-washed sand. You will get the entire quantity delivered to you and it will be an exact match. Also, coarse-washed sand is cheaper costing around $60.00 per m3 and is typically used as garden bedding.

Per 20kg bag

It will cost you about $11.95 for a 20 kg bag of washed sand. Some companies may offer promotions and sell at a cheaper rate so make sure to do some research. Also, not all sellers sell 20kg bags and some might offer smaller bags (5x4, for example). Buying smaller bags is usually not the best option since larger packages typically cost less. Moreover, most companies offer a discount on bulk purchases. The price goes down to about $11.20 per 20 kg bag when you purchase 5 or more bags.


Tips for engaging washed sand suppliers

There are several washed sand suppliers out there. Here's how you can get them engaged:

Search the web

The best way to find a brickie's sand, bedding sand, paving sand, or concrete sand supplier is to search the web or a marketplace like iseekplant. A Google search will give you decent results, but a marketplace like iseekplant can help you find suppliers that best suit your needs.

Compare options

Now that you have a number of suppliers, compare them based on price, initial time taken for delivery, and other important factors. Please note that it is important to talk to them over the phone or email to get answers to your questions as not all information will be available on their website.

Washed sand in the back of a tipper truck

Communicate your needs
There are different batches of washed sand such as concrete sand, paving sand, bedding sand, etc. It can be used for sand pits, garden supplies, and more. It's important that you discuss your requirements with the supplier so they offer you exactly what you need.
Discuss all terms

Discuss terms such as what happens in case of unseen circumstances, delivery date, quality details, and so on to guarantee you are receiving the best service and don't end up spending more than you need to.

Search for washed sand suppliers with iseekplant

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