Commonly Used Packing Materials - What is Crusher Dust?

Crusher dust or stone dust is a compactable, economical packing material used for stabilising surfaces. Crusher dust is also known as blue metal, cracker, or rock dust. It is the material left over when making crushed rock. While rocks are going through the crusher, tiny pieces and dust particles are left behind. This dust is recycled and becomes a valuable product with many practical applications instead of being thrown out as waste.

Due to it being a natural product, there are different sizes, shapes, and colours in the material. Crusher dust is a combination of small, gritty pieces of rock and dust left behind from the crushed rocks. It is used to form a foundation beneath surfaces where compaction is required.

Benefits of crusher dust

Creating Smoother Finishes

Crusher dust has excellent load-bearing capabilities and durability. It is easy to work with, spread and level out. As the material settles, the dust and smaller pieces fill in gaps between larger pieces of concrete slabs. This creates a smoother finish and a more compact surface with the material tightly packed, and no shifting, moving, or potholes developing over time.

Crusher dust being used under paving

Reduced Moisture Content Damages

Crusher dust is a non-porous material, meaning it will stop water from seeping below the paving stones. It can reduce the risk of shifting and damaging paving stones on driveways and pavers, prevents minerals from leaching into nearby soil and reduce waterlogging. 

A Cost-effective material

Producing rock dust is more affordable than other materials that are used for filling and packing surfaces on a construction site. Crusher dust costs less to purchase as well as is more environmentally friendly since it is recycled from crushed rock.


Got a new project?

Rock dust is beneficial to be used for any construction project and landscaping as it contains minerals that are non-water-soluble. Garden plants, soil, and trees easily absorb these materials. Crusher dust can be used for plenty of construction projects. It can act as an ideal layer under synthetic turf, road base, retaining walls, and driveways, as well as a decorative feature in landscaping. It can be used as a base layer under concrete slabs, water tanks, piping, and anything paved, as this material is the perfect compact filler.

Types of Crusher Dust

There are many different types of stone dust available due to crusher dust being a by-product of crushing stones. Therefore, the type of crusher dust will depend on the type of stone that it was crushed from. Each different stone has different properties and can come in many different colours; two of the most common types include granite and limestone. 


Where to buy crusher dust

Crusher dust can be purchased at more stone yards and quarries. Some excavation companies also sell crusher dust along with crushed stone, sand, gravel and bricks to their nearest store. Find the right supplier for your project via our marketplace at, customers can browse through all potential suppliers to find the best fit. Got any questions? Send an email to our project team at and get the best professional advice available.