Are Tracks or Wheels Better for a Skid Steer Loader?

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A skid steer loader is a machine that has a small-engine that can be used to complete various job site tasks. Skid steers can be used for anything from digging holes to landscaping gardens to moving soil on a building site, they can really do it all.

When determining the particular skid steer needed for your worksite, deciding whether tracks or wheels are needed on a skid steer can be challenging. However, we’ve compared the differences between having tracks or wheels here to assist in your decision making.

Why do Skid Steers with wheels work best on even ground?

When you are working on terrain such as concrete or hard surfaces, skid steers with wheels are the premier choice. This is because the wheels are not made to be challenged, rather roll along without interference. When driving past building sites that are being extended or renovated, you will see wheeled skid steers in use as they are able to gain extra traction from the developed terrain.

When using a skid steer with tracks on a developed surface, it is less efficient then using a skid steer with wheels as they were created to tackle tough terrain. Wheels on a developed surface wear far less then tracks as well. Skid steers with tracks will require regular replacement tracks, sprockets and other components if driven on pavers or concrete compared to soil or dirt.

What makes Skid Steer tracks suitable for difficult terrain?

Tracks on skid steers are perfect for tackling tough terrain such as sand, mud and snow as they rarely ever get bogged. The wet weather, an enemy to wheels, is no match for tracks as the slippery ground is the tracks best friend. This improves productivity on the work site as there is no need to wait for the ground to dry.

The reason why skid steers with tracks can tackle terrain where wheels can’t be is because of their weight distribution. Tracks are able to disperse their weight over a much larger and wider surface area, which ultimately improves the stability of the skid steer. With this improved stability, being able to manoeuvre the skid steer in tight locations or less than perfect conditions is a breeze. This however does not limit skid steers with tracks to just tough terrain, they can also work on concrete and other developed surfaces.

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Do Skid Steer wheels or tracks leave a mess?

Skid steers with tracks are seen to leave the least amount of clean-up compared to wheeled skid steers. This is due to the centre of gravity and stability as the tracks glide over any surface. In comparison, the wheels can create trenches which can scatter across the work site. These trenches that the wheeled skid steer creates can be repaired, but this can cause problems as resources have to be delegated to fix this issue. As a result, by fixing up these trenches, extra time and money has to be spent at the work site, which decreases work efficiency.

Do Skid Steer wheels or tracks require the least maintenance?

The simple answer to this question is that tracked skid steers require more attention than wheeled skid steers. This is a result of constantly examining the underside of the carriage but also checking the tension of the tracks.

Skid steers with wheels also require the attention of undercarriage checking, but it’s a much faster and easier process compared to tracked skid steers. The reason why is simply because the wheeled skid steers are usually operated on developed surfaces which means dirt and other elements don’t affect them as much as tracked skid steers. Skid steers with wheels are also much more accessible for cleaning compared to tracked skid steers as the wheels don’t cover the undercarriage.

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