The Benefits of Hoarding Around a Construction Site

We see construction hoardings every single day. They fade into the background on our morning commute, serving as the backdrop to our lunch time walks, and more. Hoarding systems are mandatory on any construction site for safety and security purposes. Construction hoarding is the use of boards, fences or other standing structures to signal and secure the boundary of a construction site.

Keeps your construction site secure

One of the main benefits of implementing building site hoarding is that it provides security for your construction site, which can help prevent theft and financial loss.


Protects the general public

Health and safety is also the main reason for having a hoarding on construction sites. Separating the general public from the construction site to prevent unauthorised access improves site security. In addition, having secure fencing along your site perimeter allows controlled access to the site for your contractors.


Communicates health and safety information

However, as well as separating the public from the potentially hazardous construction site and equipment, they can also be used to communicate health and safety information. These panels provide the perfect backdrop for warnings about safety hazards or threats which are essential to safety and compliance regulations.


Keeps your project under wraps

If you do not want a construction project to be revealed before it is completely finished, the hoarding will act as a visible barrier, allowing your business to work incognito. You can ensure the finished project is perfected and fully ready, before making a grand reveal and impressing your customers with your innovative project.


Enhances the appearance of the surroundings

A temporary hoarding panel can enhance the overall appearance of a space or its surroundings. You can adopt a range of methods to elevate hoardings into art installations! Some of these include illumination, cut lettering, graphic overlays and bespoke substrates.


Benefits of buying (rather than hiring) a construction hoarding

Construction hoarding is a temporary structure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that hiring is the best (and cheapest) option. By its very nature, a construction project can last a long time and there’s always a chance it could run over schedule. It’s surprising how quickly a ‘hire bill’ can mount up. Investing in your own hoarding is often the more cost-effective option. You’re in control of how much you spend, and the hoarding is yours to keep and it can be used time and time again for future projects.


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