Portaloo hire rates guide: how much does a portaloo cost to hire?

A portable toilet can be very useful. You might need it when you're hosting a party, working on construction sites, or going to locations far from the city. Prices for portable toilets vary greatly and depend on a number of factors. Most portable toilets go under $150 but some might cost extra – going as high as $450 per week.


Average cost of hiring portaloos

Site toilets

These are basic portable toilets that are installed on sites such as construction site so that workers or visitors have no problem while they're at work. They're popular in all cities including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth and usually cost $30 per week for a single unit. In big cities like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, you will usually have to book a site portable toilet for a few weeks as they are usually not available for short-term hire. They remain installed on-site for convenience. Companies that offer short-term options will usually charge more. Expect the daily price to go as high as $150. The price does not usually include delivery and you will have to pay extra for delivery.

singular portable toilet on construction site

Party toilets

Party toilets are for big and small parties and are usually available on a per-day basis with prices starting as low as $150 per day. Once again, it may be a little costlier in big cities like Melbourne and Sydney.


Disabled toilets

You can choose a disability site toilet or a disability party toilet. They offer easy access and use of special equipment. A disability site toilet requires a long-term commitment and usually costs about $160 per week. On the other hand, a disability party toilet will cost about $350 per day. In addition to this, there are also dual towable toilets that cost $300 per day and are suitable for large gatherings.

You can also choose towable party toilets that cost $150 per day. There is also the option to go for plumbed-in toilets costing $30 per week and require a long-term commitment of 6-8 weeks. The cost does not take into account delivery charges that are not always fixed and usually depend on the distance from the toilet hire company to the event location. Expect to pay about $30 per hour for a portable toilet delivery. Alternatively, you can arrange a pickup to save these charges.


Factors that influence portaloo hire prices

The price of a portable toilet hire depends on a number of factors that are broken down below:


This is the most important factor for two reasons:
  • Prices differ from city to city. Melbourne and Sydney, for example, are among the most expensive cities for a freshwater flush hire. On the other hand, Brisbane is comparatively cheaper.
  • The location of the event also impacts the final price. You will have to pay more for delivery if your location is far away. This can impact the final price.

Number of portaloos required

Portaloo hire rates usually depend on the size of the order. You can save money by going for a dual portaloo or requesting bulk discounts if you want multiple portable toilets. You might also be able to save money on delivery if you request multiple portable toilets to be sent to the same event. All in all, the more units you require, the cheaper it will get.

Length of hire

As highlighted above, party toilet hire costs more than a site toilet hire mainly due to the length of time. Hiring a portable toilet for a day will cost you more than hiring a portable toilet for a week or more. However, this may not always be feasible.


Portable toilets have to be installed and serviced by plumbers to ensure they work well. In most cases, you will only be paying for a toilet hire and it does not include service charges so expect to pay about $25 per hour for an expert.

Additional amenities

Some users may require additional amenities such as regular servicing, a crane for installation, a trolley to move the toilet, showers, foot pumps, etc. All these amenities will add to the price.

Workman pumping out wastee from a portable toilet

Tips for hiring portaloos

Here are a few things to remember when hiring portable toilets:
  • Always ask for a written contract that mentions everything from hire rates to additional amenities so that there are no issues later on.
  • Browse online reviews and find more information on available portable toilet hire companies before making a final decision.
  • Inspect the condition of the portable toilet before finalising the deal.
  • Make sure to be clear about what the price includes (delivery, servicing, etc.).
  • Scan the market and find more information on providers before signing on the dotted lines.

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