A Guide To Roller & Compaction Hire Rates: What should you be paying?

Roller Hire Rates

What should you be paying to hire a roller?

This article discusses the hire rates you can expect to pay across 5 types of civil construction rollers, including padfoot rollers, smooth drum rollers, vibrating rollers, 3 point rollers and multi-tyred rollers. We're not talking about compactors though, which are actually a different machine (found here), but sometimes when people use the term 'compactors' when they actually mean rollers. Rollers are used to compact many different materials, but 'compactors are only used to compact soil and soft materials.

There are a number of 'compaction specialists' in Australia, like Conplant for example. Otherwise, many traditional earthmoving companies have a roller or two in their fleet. Compaction, especially as it relates to the application of asphalt, is serious business. And when done in very unique applications (such as airport runways) rollers can need to be utilised in a particularly precise manner.

However, below we will discuss the roller hire rates across a more common group of rollers, by size, then by wet and dry hire variants. These rates are based on averages from rates supplied by suppliers on iSeekplant. If you would like to request rates from our listed suppliers near your job, click here.

What are typical padfoot roller hire rates

Padfoot Roller Size Padfoot Roller Dry Hire Rate (Per Day) Padfoot Roller Wet Hire Rate (Per Hour)
Small (1.5 - 5 tonne) $160 - $350 per day + GST $75 per hour + GST
Medium (6 - 10 tonne) $350 per day + GST $95 per hour + GST
Large (11 - 20 tonne) $400 per day + GST $105 per hour + GST

Padfoot roller rates do fluctuate across Australia quite substantially as they aren't a tremendously expensive machine to buy outright, so most operators like to keep them moving and utilised as they have relatively good profitability overall. If a plant hire company has one in the yard, they usually prefer to get it out the door at any rate where they aren't going backwards. They are a common machine though, so it can be competitive out there and operators are forced to meet the market.

What are typical smooth drum roller hire rates?

Smooth Drum Roller Size Smooth Drum Roller Dry Hire Rate (Per Day) Smooth Drum Roller Wet Hire Rate (Per Hour)
Small (1.5 - 5 tonne) $160 - $350 per day + GST $75 per hour + GST
Medium (6 - 10 tonne) $350 per day + GST $95 per hour + GST
Large (11 - 20 tonne) $400 per day + GST $105 per hour + GST

Small smooth drum rollers (sometimes called double-drum rollers) are pretty easy to find in most dry hire fleets, the bigger companies like Coates and Kennards stock them in plentiful supply. Some of the smaller rollers are called 'pedestrian rollers' and you don't need a ticket to operate them! Larger smooth drum rollers are not necessarily difficult machines to operate, but they do require a ticketed operator.

What are typical vibrating roller hire rates?

Vibrating Roller Size Vibrating Roller Dry Hire Rate (Per Day) Vibrating Roller Wet Hire Rate (Per Hour)
Small (1.5 - 5 tonne) $230 - $420 per day + GST $95 per hour + GST
Medium (6 - 10 tonne) $420 - $450 per day + GST $110 per hour + GST
Large (11 - 20 tonne) $470 per day + GST $135 per hour + GST

Vibratory rollers, or vibrating rollers are used in the application of asphalt to certain densities using two, smooth steel drums that vibrate to consolidate the material. You can hire specific vibrating rollers, or some smooth drum rollers have a sort of 'vibrating' attachment to add a little extra juice to the compacting action. Some have sophisticated sensing technology that continuously measure density and automatically adjust the machines intensity to make sure that compaction of the asphalt isn't over-cooked. Using GPS and some of the OEM's proprietary software some rollers can capture data from on-board computers about material density and relay that through centralised site tracking software.


What are typical multi-tyred roller hire rates?

Multi-Tyred Roller Size Multi-Tyred Roller Dry Hire Rate (Per Day) Multi-Tyred Roller Wet Hire Rate (Per Hour)
Mini (Less than 2.5 tonnes) $170 per day + GST N/A
Small (2.5 - 5 tonnes) $230 per day + GST $65 per hour + GST
Medium (6 - 10 tonnes) $325 per day + GST $85 per hour + GST
Large (11 - 15 tonnes) $400 per day + GST $115 per hour  + GST
Extra Large (16 - 20 tonnes) $420 per day + GST $145 per hour + GST

Multi-tyred rollers, sometimes called pneumatic rollers have oscillating wheels (usually 4) that are best applied to the application of sub-grade soil, granular material or cold mix to create additional density and find weak areas so they can be repaired before paving or applying asphalt. Most of the main compaction OEM's, like Caterpillar, Ammann & Dynapac, make mult-tyred rollers with compaction width ranging from 1.5m to 2.5m.

What are typical three point roller hire rates?

Three Point Roller Size Three Point Roller Dry Hire  Three Point Roller Wet Hire
10 tonne $375 per day + GST $105 per hour + GST
15 tonne $450 per day + GST $125 per hour + GST

Three point rollers, sometimes called static three point rollers, usually come in a few sizes from 10-15 tonnes. Static three point rollers are predominately used for proof rolling and thin granular/semi cohesive soil compaction. These units are also well suited for compaction in built up areas. They aren't super common and are usually only found in the fleets of the compaction specialist plant hire companies.

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