Top 5 Best Excavator Attachment Manufacturers in Australia


Excavators are one of the most commonly used machines on Australian worksites. There is a range of attachments for hire that you can choose to suit the job you are working on. With all these attachments available, it may be hard to decide which manufacturer is best for you. For many people, buying from the most popular manufacturer is a safe way to make sure they are getting a reliable product, while others may look past the manufacturer and focus on the quality of the individual goods.

The number of manufacturers producing excavation attachments has increased in the last 30 years as global companies have expanded to Australia. With all the manufacturers that are now in the Australian market, it may be hard to identify who produces the best quality range of attachments. This guide will help you understand which excavator attachment manufacturers are leading the way in Australia.

Types of Excavator Attachments

If you ever drive past a worksite, you’ll usually see an excavator with a bucket attachment. This attachment is used for fast and effective earthmoving and is used in both large scale and residential projects. Buckets are always used in conjunction with other attachments.

Rock breakers (also known as hydraulic hammers) are a handy attachment if you are working on a stony terrain or roads. They are perfect for demolition jobs that are too large for jackhammering.

An auger attachment is perfect for digging precise and straight holes for pillars and posts. Augers are versatile and can be used to dig through dirt, ice and rock.

A grapple attachment is great for those awkward and hard to move materials. Whether its branches or rocks, this attachment will help you clear your worksite quickly.

Top 5 Excavator Attachment Manufacturers

1. Caterpillar

Caterpillar was established in Australia in 1957 and has since become the country’s top machinery provider. Caterpillar equipment is used widely across Australia, particularly in mining and is a trusted brand for many Australians.

They offer a range of differently sized bucket attachments from whether you require a small 27 litre bucket for your mini-excavator or a 3.38m³ capacity clean up bucket for big projects. Other attachments Caterpillar offers include grapplers, augers, rock breakers and grapple attachments.

2. Komatsu

Komatsu is another leading machinery manufacturer in Australia that offers a full range of excavator attachments. Komatsu is a Japanese-based company that celebrated its 50th anniversary in Australia in 2015. Like Caterpillar, Komatsu is a global company that offers a full range of excavator attachments. Komatsu’s attachments are designed specifically to fit with Komatsu machines.

Komatsu’s rock breaker attachment uses industry-leading rock breaking technology and is known for its durability.


Case is an American equipment manufacturer that offers a range of excavator attachments whether you own mini, midi or full-sized machine. CASE’s specialty attachment is their rock breaker. This attachment only has two moving parts so it will require less maintenance than other attachments. It is also low recoil, meaning a more comfortable experience for operators. CASE also offers an industry-leading 3-year bonus on their rock breakers, which is a handy bonus for anyone looking to use their attachment regularly.

4. Kubota

Kubota specialises in manufacturing excavators and attachments that stand up to the harsh Australian conditions. They are a Japanese company with a global reputation and produce a range of excavators ranging from 0.8 to 8.2 tonne, with a particular focus on mini excavators. Because of Kubota’s focus on mini excavators, they have been able to design and create attachments specifically for mini excavators.

Kubota may not offer the wide range of excavator attachments that Caterpillar, Komatsu and CASE offer but Komatsu’s build quality is comparable to these manufactures.

5. Bobcat

Bobcat is known for its range of compact excavators that are perfect for working in confined spaces. Bobcat offers a full range of attachments including auger, bucket, rock breaker, grader attachment, stump grinder and vibratory roller. These attachments are sized to fit your Bobcat excavator whenever you may need them.

Bobcat attachments fit a large proportion of Bobcat branded vehicles with the auger attachment fitting onto mini loaders, skid-steer loaders, excavators and compact track loaders.

If you wish to hire an excavator with any of these attachments, then contact iSeekplant today. iSeekplant has a range of suppliers across all of Australia. Call us today or visit our website to find an excavator supplier.

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