Why Farmers Need a Water Truck


Water trucks are commonly used on construction sites for high-pressure water cleaning and dust suppression but they also have a wide range of uses in farming. Small water trucks usually hold around 6000 litres of water, whereas larger water trucks with a tank and trailer can hold up to 30,000 litres. Water trucks come with a long hose and sprinkler attachments to ensure you can supply water to your dams and tanks or water your land without obstacles.

These trucks are useful for farmers year-round but especially during times of severe drought. Currently in Australia, over 60% of Queensland and over 90% of New South Wales are in a drought. The rural farming regions of these states have been particularly hard hit by these dry conditions. With a lack of rain, alternative solutions to water crops and maintain livestock must be sought in order to maintain a farm. This is where water trucks can be a lifesaver.

Owning a Water Truck is Cost Saving

Hiring a water truck through a third-party provider can become an expensive task. Water cart prices are usually around $300 for 12,000 litres of water, but the price can be much higher depending on the distance the truck owner has to travel. In a time of drought, this cost can be incurred multiple times a week depending on a farmer’s water storage capacity.

If a farmer owns their own water truck, then the only cost is the maintenance of the vehicle and labour costs if they hire an operator.

Owning a Water Truck means Constant Availability

Owning a water truck allows a farmer to operate their farm on their terms and not rely on others. With the severe drought currently in New South Wales and Queensland, many independent water truck owners are not taking on new clients due to current demand. For crops that require high water consumption, such as tomatoes and capsicums, owning a truck allows you to maintain this crop during growing season no matter what the conditions are.

Once you have replenished your water supplies you also have the opportunity of hiring your water truck to other nearby farmers or companies which can be a bonus source of income.

Alternatively, you can Hire a Water Truck

Purchasing a water truck can, at times, be too expensive for many farmers, meaning hiring is a more cost-effective and realistic way of maintaining a constant water supply. Hiring allows you to have no machine upkeep costs and you only need to hire a water truck at times when you need to supplement your water supply or reduce your use of groundwater. Once water tanks and groundwater are depleted, water trucks are the only affordable option that remains.

Renting a water truck allows you to choose the exact amount of water you are using. This means that there will be less water wastage as farmers can keep track of their usage and they are paying for each delivery of water. You can elect to have regular dam water delivered for crops or drinking water for livestock and household use.

If you wish to hire a water truck, then contact iSeekplant today or use our Get a Quote tool for the best water cart hire rates. We offer water cart suppliers across Australia in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and rural areas.

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