Top 8 Best Backhoe Loader Brands

Backhoe loaders are a hugely versatile piece of construction machinery that can be used for a range of applications – including construction, small demolitions, excavation work, and landscaping.

There are many backhoe loader brands available for purchase and hire in Australia however there are a select few that stand out of the crowd with their incredible durability and performance reputations.

Here are our top 8 best backhoe loader brands in Australia:

1. CASE Construction


Specially engineered from the ground up, CASE Construction delivers an industry-leading backhoe with a greater lift load capacity and best-in-class cab comfort. The CASE Backhoe Loader can handle extreme conditions with ease including being able to break through dry clay or tree roots.

2. Caterpillar

Arguably one of the most popular brands of construction machinery, CAT consistently provides superior excavation, back-fill and material handling machines and the Caterpillar Backhoe Loader is no different. Caterpillar's backhoes are versatile due to their smaller frame size and easily help improve productivity on your construction site with their lower machine operating costs, which makes them one of the best backhoes for money.

3. JCB

The JCB brand of backhoe loader is now more than 60 years of age, and is more iconic than ever. This durable machine is more innovative than ever and continues to push the boundaries and deliver outstanding performance and versatility to their customers and job sites around Australia.

4. John Deere

With John Deere Backhoe Loader, you can expect to get more done with the multifunctional and highly capable machine. With true four-wheeled drive on command and a powerful engine, the John Deere Backhoe Loader is the perfect option when you need to load trucks, dig trenches or move materials.

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5. Komatsu


Available in two-wheel and four-wheel steering options, the Komatsu Backhoe Loader is the perfect multipurpose workhorse you need to add to your fleet and to work on your site. This machine delivers high standards of fuel efficiency, performance, reliability, and ease of operation.

6. Kubota

Powered by the robust Kubota engine, the Kubota Backhoe Loader is renowned for incredible efficiency and durability. Featuring twin operating pedals for exceptional handling and hydraulic power steering for effortless control, the Kubota Backhoe Loader is an excellent choice to add to your fleet or have working on your project.

7. Volvo

Raising productivity and lowering operating costs, the Volvo Backhoe Loader offers superior safety, high technology and innovations that help you work smarter, not harder. One of the stand-out features of the Volvo Backhoe Loader is loader performance which enables you to perform earthmoving functions with total efficiency.

8. Terex

Excellent manoeuvrability, high off-road performance, and a reliable boom lock are just some of the features of the Terex Backhoe Loader. Not as much of a common choice on Australian construction sites, the Terex Backhoe Loader is nonetheless known for its efficiency and high-volume loading equipment.


Which backhoe loader is best to hire?

If efficiency, power, durability, comfort and safety are at the top of your list when looking for a backhoe for hire, the truth is that any one of the above backhoe loader brands would easily fit your brief! A CASE loader might offer superior comfort and operative intuitiveness, while a Caterpillar might lend itself to the most power, along with the efficiency and durability of a Komatsu or a Kubota.  

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