Top 5 Best Tipper Truck Brands

Tipper trucks, also known as a dump truck or truck lorries, come in a variety of sizes and classes which have a range of functions and specialise in the transportation of various loose bulk materials.

When it comes to choosing the best tipper truck brand for your project, as there is extensive variety of tipper trucks available it is important to take into account the reputation of manufacturer brands when hiring a tipper truck.

What are the best tipper truck brands in Australia?

The leading tipper truck brands are:

Volvo Tipper Truck

1. Volvo Tipper Trucks

Volvo is a symbol of high performance and longevity that continues to focus on upholding the demands of the construction industry. Offering several dump truck models and consistently developing new solutions with better fuel economy, increased productivity, improved safety and a more comfortable operator environment.

Caterpillar Tipper Truck

2. Caterpillar Tipper Trucks

Caterpillar is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction and mining equipment, proving to be reliable and durable in any work situation. Caterpillar equipment has long been an industry favourite when it comes to heavy machinery. Caterpillar are manufactured to move material at a lower cost with high performance, comfort and reliability. Caterpillar tipper trucks minimise the risk of expensive repairs by including well-constructed parts and components. Also, their trucks are built to reduce the amount of pollution emitted as exhaust fumes, these attributes combine to create a more eco-friendly work space.

Kenworth Tipper Truck

3. Kenworth Tipper Trucks

Kenworth design and manufacture their trucks to excel at their intended tasks and requirements of the customer. The quality and variety of Kenworth trucks withstand the test of time, offering superior productivity, reliability, strength and durability.

4. Hitachi Tipper Trucks

Hitachi manufacture tipper trucks of the highest quality product with state-of-the-art technology. To ensure long-term reliability Hitachi tests their trucks in tough conditions so you are guaranteed longevity in your activities. Incorporating Hitachi technology, including an advanced AC drive system, which ensures more stable cycle time, creates higher levels of efficiency, productivity and safety. Adding to this, Hitachi tipper trucks are easy to manoeuvre, with accessible controls and smooth management.

Isuzu Tipper Trucks

5. Isuzu Tipper Trucks

Isuzu tipper trucks are manufactured in Japan and installed with all-steel Shinmaywa bodies that feature a 20 second up/down hydraulic hoist for increased efficiency. The Isuzu range from 4,500kg to 10,400kg, with the tipper decks thickness ranging from 3.2mm to 6.0mm and purely made from steel, these tippers also come with an auto two-way tailgate. The innovative manufacturing of Isuzu makes their tipper trucks reliable and robust.

Wanting to hire a tipper truck?

No matter the tipper truck brand you choose to support, you know you're in good hands with any of these high-quality, durable and efficient machines. To hire one of these tipper truck brands for your next project, head over to iseekplant to check out our tipper truck supplier listings. You can browse through different tipper truck suppliers and find the best tipper truck for your project. Whether your hire needs be in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide or anywhere else in the nation, we have the plant hire options for you.

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