CAT 740 Articulated Dump Truck Review & Full Specs

The Caterpillar 740 articulated dump truck is an excellent all-rounder that provides a mix of versatility, powerful performance, and innovation.


Caterpillar equipment has long been an industry favorite when it comes to heavy machinery. CAT is an industry leader because of their commitment to customers and to consistently meet their needs with reliable and durable plant and equipment. But does the Cat 740 Articulated Dump Truck (ADT) live up to the company’s reputation? Continue reading our full review and machine specifications (specs) to find out!

CAT 740 dump truck specs

An unexpected bonus of owning the CAT 740 is its width! Slightly narrower than other articulated dump trucks in its comparable class, the 740 can be shifted without expensive Escorting Wide Load Charges. Particularly when it comes to hiring, this is a major advantage, as the savings can be passed on to customers.

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Drew's Review

What stands out about this articulated dumper is its versatility. Designed to offer a strong, generic performance that's suitable for almost any site work, the CAT 740 specs boast several interesting technological innovations which make substantial enhancements to the performance of the machine.

One such feature is the 740’s sophisticated traction control which ensures even weight distribution in harsh terrains, not to mention reducing the risk of gouging expensive tires. Another point of difference is the machine’s engine which has a powertrain manufactured into its design. This innovative engine provides a considerable amount of power while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency.

An additional noteworthy feature includes the widespread gears (two reserves and five forward) which ensure any driver behind the wheel can produce the power they need – without hindering the machine’s performance or endurance. An exceptional and reliable all-rounder, the Caterpillar 740 articulated dump truck is a first choice with many contractors and operators.

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Key Features of the CAT 740 ADT

An impressive cab and ergonomic design

When it comes to handling, CAT has really pulled out all the stops to ensure that the 740 ADT gives you more. The machine interior benefits from an ergonomic design, as well as gauges, dials, and indicators that are simple and clear to read.

Straightforward icons make it easy to recognize what function belongs to which control. Visibility is pretty good, while seating for two is always a bonus. Comfort is likewise a priority, with an "Air ride" seat offering plenty of options for individual adjustment.

The steering wheel is also able to be moved into a comfortable position, ensuring operators can spend long hours in the CAT articulated dump truck cab with no ill effects. Overall, the machine’s layout, design, and controls have been well designed with an operator’s comfort and safety as a top priority.

CAT 740 ADT 2

Low maintenance can save you money and enhance reliability

Nobody wants to spend hours making sure their articulated dump truck is fit for purpose - not only does maintenance cost money, but it also limits the time your ADT has available to work. That's why CAT has put in a number of features that significantly reduce the amount of care the articulated dump truck requires.

The front and back frame of the 740 articulated dump truck is enhanced by robotic welding which successfully improves its durability and helps the machine withstand extremely harsh work environments. Excellent CAT 740 dump truck specs offer innovative suspension to minimise the risk of shock fractures or other issues, while superior hitch production, tough service brakes, and added protection for the radiator all help to keep the ADT in one piece for longer.

The Caterpillar 740 has been designed to make maintenance a breeze – with numerous attachments and components being able to be easily removed without extensive dismantling. This means that the ADT’s engine does not need to be dismantled to perform routine maintenance or to replace components such as the radiator or its transmission. As time frequently equals money when it comes to maintenance, these types of innovation go a long way towards ensuring that CAT 740 specs offer excellent value for money in the long run.

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CAT 740 ADT 3

Enhanced energy efficiency and green credentials

Environmentally friendly working isn't just great for the planet, it's also an important way of keeping your production costs low. The Caterpillar 740 articulated dump truck has been designed with air-to-air after cooling (ATAAC), wastegate turbocharging, a hydraulic fan and a variety of other gadgets and gizmos which help to drive down the amount of energy needed for the CAT 740 ADT to do its thing.

The CAT dump truck 740 specs have been engineered to minimise the risk of expensive repairs by including well-constructed parts and components. In conjunction with measures to reduce the amount of pollution emitted as exhaust fumes, these other attributes combine to form a machine that is ahead of the pack when it comes to eco-friendly working.


Designed for distance and endurance

The 740 ADT is engineered to be a versatile, multi-terrain machine – it’s one of the key benefits of purchasing this articulated dump truck over others. What this means in practice is that if you've got a load to transport from A to B, this dump truck will get the job done, regardless of what lies between the two points!

This machine is a great option for challenging environments, with its advanced technology ensuring adequate grip and good balance on uneven gradients, slippery surfaces, and similar extreme circumstances. Built for flexibility, the high-performance Caterpillar 740 ADT is an excellent choice for construction, earthmoving, mining, bulk earthworks, quarrying, and more.


CAT 740 - an excellent all-rounder

The Caterpillar 740 articulated dump truck is a popular choice in construction simply because it is an extremely reliable and high-performance machine. When it comes to comfort, control, and stability, this vehicle benefits from 21st Century innovations.

This includes a powerful engine, outstanding handling, and modern technological advances that ensure CAT’s 740 ADT performs well, has optimal fuel efficiency, and keeps machine maintenance costs low. If you want a high-grade articulated dump truck that gives you consistently good results, this machine stands out from the crowd.

CAT 740 ADT Specs


  • Rated Payload 38 tonnes 42 tons


  • Forward 1 8.85 kph 5.5 mph
  • Forward 2 12.1 kph 7.52 mph
  • Forward 3 16.41 kph 10.2 mph
  • Forward 4 22.04 kph 13.7 mph
  • Forward 5 29.9 kph 18.58 mph
  • Forward 6 40.32 kph 25.06 mph
  • Forward 7 54.69 kph 33.99 mph
  • Reverse 1 8.35 kph 5.19 mph
  • Reverse 2 11.6 kph 7.21 mph

Operating Weights

  • Front Axle – Empty 19 410 kg 42,790 lb
  • Center Axle – Empty 7050 kg 15,545 lb
  • Rear Axle – Empty 6380 kg 14,065 lb
  • Total – Empty 32 840 kg 72,400 lb
  • Front Axle – Rated Load 4870 kg 10,735 lb
  • Center Axle – Rated Load 16 565 kg 36,520 lb
  • Rear Axle – Rated Load 16 565 kg 36,520 lb
  • Total – Rated Load 38 000 kg 83,775 lb
  • Front Axle – Loaded 24 280 kg 53,525 lb
  • Center Axle – Loaded 23 615 kg 52,065 lb
  • Rear Axle – Loaded 22 945 kg 50,585 lb
  • Total – Loaded 70 840 kg 156,175 lb

Service Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank 560 L 148 gal
  • Cooling System 80 L 21.1 gal
  • Hydraulic System 233 L 61.6 gal
  • Engine Crankcase 38 L 10 gal
  • Transmission 72 L 19 gal
  • Final Drives/Differential 80 L 21 gal
  • Output Transfer Gear Box 21 L 5.6 gal


  • Brakes SAE J/ISO 3450-1998
  • Cab/FOPS SAE J231 JAN81, ISO 3449-1992 Level II
  • Cab/ROPS SAE J1040 May 1994 and ISO 3471-1994

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