What are the best vacuum truck manufacturers

When you’re looking to hire a vacuum truck for a vacuum excavation job, the quality of the machine is an important factor to consider. Vacuum excavation trucks and carts come in all shapes and sizes but the one thing that identifies a quality machine is who builds it. Five vacuum truck manufacturers that consistently provide high-quality and long-lasting vacuum trucks are:

The five best vacuum truck manufacturers in Australia

Vac trucks need to be built to handle the unique terrain of Australia while performing their vacuum excavation without trouble. This is why the vacuum excavator manufacturer is so important, some companies build machines designed to handle the challenges of our terrain, whereas other companies import vac trucks that simply cannot handle Australian conditions.

This then affects the productivity and longevity of a vac truck, meaning more costs, time on site, and maintenance. The five vacuum excavator manufacturers listed below prioritise the Australian environment and therefore build vac trucks that perform time after time.

Vermeer vacuum excavators

Vermeer is an industry leader in more than just vacuum excavation, they provide solutions for a range of construction and agricultural industries, but their pride of place is their vacuum excavators. With vacuum excavators ranging from ute-mountable 190L models all the way through to 3,000L truck-mounted models Vermeer have a vacuum excavation solution for every problem. Their service centers and spare parts processes are streamlined and nationally effective if there is ever any issue with your hired vac truck.

Vac Dig vacuum excavators

Vac Dig vacuum excavators is a family-owned and operated company building vac trucks for the utility, construction, and commercial industries. With both standard models and custom builds VAC Dig builds vacuum excavators from 1,000L up to 10,000L. Each vacuum truck comes equipped with a six-button simplified control system that provides added safety and productivity to the user's experience. Hiring a Vac Dig-built vac truck is always a reliable decision.

Vorstrom vacuum equipment

Vorstrom vacuum equipment is an Australian company, building their vacuum trucks right here at their Queensland depot. With a range of sucker trucks and vacuum excavator trucks available, Vorstrom knows what they're talking about when it comes to vacuum excavation. With 6,000L and 8,000L vac trucks available their trucks come equipped with all the necessary equipment to complete any vacuum excavation job.

STG Global vacuum trucks

STG Global came into the vacuum excavation business thirty years ago and since then has been building and designing innovative vac trucks for any need in Australia. With a range of trucks, equipped with high-quality vacuum excavators, STG Global has created a fleet of easy-to-operate, power-efficient vac trucks that require minimal maintenance. With spoil tanks ranging between 3,000L up to 8,000L and a range of chassis models from 4x2 to 8x4, there’s a STG Global vacuum truck configuration for your hire.

VAC Group vacuum trucks

VAC Group are expert in everything vacuum excavation and has been supplying the industry with innovative, purpose-built vac trucks for a number of years now. Their 3,000L and 6,000L vac trucks are built for tough situations, with 2wd and 4wd options there’s nowhere the truck can’t go and vacuum excavate. With some of the fastest vacuum excavation rates on the market VAC Group’s Australian-built and designed machines are always a trusted hire.

Hire a vacuum truck today

When you’re hiring a vacuum excavator or a vac truck you need to consider what manufacturer your hire supplier uses and whether you need a licence to operate. Many imported vac truck manufacturers don’t build machines made to last in Australian conditions. That’s why you need to ensure that the vac truck you hire has been built for Australian standards and conditions.

The manufacturers mentioned above are industry leaders and can be trusted to get the job done time and again without issue. Search through iseekplant's vacuum excavator and vac truck suppliers or give us a call at 1300 691 912. We have expert suppliers eagerly awaiting you from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, and all over the nation. If you still need more information read our vacuum truck hire rates guide and make sure to subscribe to iseekplant's Constructionsht Blog so you never miss a thing!