Vacuum Truck Hire Rates Guide: How much does it cost to rent?


Vacuum trucks are quickly becoming one of the most sought out equipment on any construction site due to their ability to do non destructive excavations around underground assets. It is also worth mentioning that vacuum excavation is seen in the industry as far more expensive than using an excavator or digger for excavation work. However, we have seen a number of benefits to using vacuum excavation in the long run which can save you a lot of money on projects as you can avoid any unexpected issues such as damage of underground assets, burst pipe or injuries on site due to undetected services. 

We have done the sums and collated the data  to provide you with the information you need for your project. When choosing a vacuum truck for your project there are a number of things to consider which will dictate the cost of vacuum excavation - listed below.


What are typical rates for vacuum truck hire by size?

Size its a huge factor in price for any piece of plant and its no different for vacuum truck rental. Ranging from 1,000L to 10,000L generally these hydrovac trucks vary from model to model. Accordingly, the following table is a guide of industry standard pricing across the most prominent hire options:

Vacuum Truck Size

Vacuum Truck Dry Hire Rates (Per Day) From

Vacuum Truck Wet Hire Rates (Per Hour) From

1,000L Vacuum Trailer Hire

$500 + GST 

enquire directly with suppliers

3,000L Vacuum Truck Hire

$550 + GST 

$170 + GST

6,000L Vacuum Truck Hire

$625 + GST

$200 + GST

7,000L Vacuum Truck Hire

$650 + GST 

$225 + GST

10,000L Vacuum Truck Hire

enquire directly with suppliers as prices vary

enquire directly with suppliers as prices vary

*Please note this is a guide only and check with the individual suppliers for pricing. 

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How does dry hire effect vacuum truck hire prices?

When it comes to dry hiring a vacuum generally you are able to hire it on a daily, weekly and monthly rates. Most rates will come exclusive of GST and it can also include freight or delivery fees. The rates are dependent on the size of the vacuum truck you require for your project. Generally we find that the longer you hire a vacuum truck, they greater probability you are offered a discount. So when looking at hiring a vacuum truck on dry hire do mention on how long you require the vacuum truck as you are likely to get a competitive rates for long term hire.  


How does wet hire effect vacuum truck hire prices?

Wet hiring a vacuum truck is similar to dry hire as it costs are dependent on the size of the vacuum truck you need for your project. Wet hire company do offer the same options when it comes to hourly, daily, weekly and monthly hire. For smaller projects you can hire a vacuum truck for hour rates, but you are required a minimum of 4 hours of hire depot to depot. It is also worth mentioning that this is exclusive of GST and you will also have water usage fees and dumpage fees on top of this if you are required to dump it at a waste management centre. Depending on the size of the vacuum truck you hire and the requirements of the project sometimes you are required to hire an additional operator. This is particularly the case when hiring larger vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers. Similar to when hiring a vacuum truck on dry hire, you are often offered a discount for long term hire (usually on monthly hire). Additionally, for longer projects you can reduce your cost of hire if you have a safe location for the vac truck to stay on site as you wouldn't have to pay to and from the depot. 

How can I get the best Vacuum Truck Hire Rates?

Once you have assessed the requirements for your project, along with the size and whether you require wet or dry hire, we can help you find local vacuum truck suppliers

With iSeekplant you have access to local suppliers around Australia including all major cities and regional areas. Our vacuum truck suppliers have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the advice for what is the right vacuum truck for your project. You can be based in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide or anywhere else in the nation, and our network will be able to serve your needs. You can browse thousands of vacuum truck hire listings through our website or use iSeekplant's Get a Quote tool for a completely free, no-obligation quote for your project!

Regardless of your needs we are here to assist you with all your vacuum truck hire needs.

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