3000L Vac-U-Digga Vacuum Excavation Truck Review & Specs

If you're a company that needs to complete sub-surface excavation in order to expose pipes, cables or other infrastructure for repair, replacement or maintenance, you'll understand why non-destructive digging is such a useful option.

A high-quality vacuum truck can remove soil, debris or other sub-surface material as quickly as more traditional methods, but with minimal risk of harm to underlying structures. The Vac-U-Digga vacuum truck has been specifically designed for non-destructive excavation, offering a dependable, fast and versatile solution to a wide range of excavation, clearance and drainage projects. Read on to discover how the Vac-U-Digga could transform the way you work.



Drew's Review

High-quality engine for reliable performance

One of the first things to notice about the Vac-U-Digga is that it's powered by a Kubota engine. With a global reputation and nearly a century of engineering experience to draw on, Kubota is best known for producing engines which are capable of high performance in punishing environments. A firm favourite for industrial engines, Kubota combines excellent fuel efficiency with plenty of power and minimal emissions - an advantage for any company that's eager to keep their activities as environmentally friendly as possible. Designed to run quietly, even when working towards the extremes of its capabilities, this sucker truck has plenty of capacity for speedy operation.

Great range of accessories on this vacuum excavation truck

If you want a vehicle that's got the right tool for every occasion, this vacuum truck ticks all the right boxes. Accessories include a choice of two different digging lances (2.5m and 2.8m), as well as a digging hose, a wash down gun, vacuum hose and a jetter. This gives you all the tools you need to excavate safely to a significant depth, as well as complete debris removal tasks, drainage jobs and surface cleaning activities. Generous tank capacities for both soil and water for jetting ensure that even big jobs can be tackled successfully in one attempt. The hydro evacuation sucker trucks available vary in size from 3000l soil capacity right up to 8000l - large enough to take on almost anything!

A 3,000L vacuum truck for sale or hire that's designed for speed

A priority for most customers is fast excavation. With many jobs being time-dependent, there is a real need for a sucker truck that can safely remove high volumes of soil, water or other detritus as quickly as possible. The speed of the Vac-U-Digga is impressive too! Estimates suggest it's anything from two to five times faster than the competition - exactly what's needed in today's competitive work environment. A number of innovative features on this hydro evacuation vehicle ensure that it's able to pump faster, harder and for longer than many others. A dependable workhorse, the Vac-U-Digga has the capability to work on tough jobs, as well as more routine tasks. Perhaps as importantly, the vehicle has been designed for easy maintenance, ensuring that performance can be maintained in the longer term with minimal downtime being required.


Australian-built vacuum excavators for sale or hire

Aussie engineering is world-class, which is why the Vac-U-Digga, proudly manufactured in Queensland, stands out from the crowd for all the right reasons. Not only is this sucker truck Australian-made, it's also been designed for domestic use. Australian geography and soil present challenges which are almost unique to our country - the Vac-U-Digga has been created to overcome the extreme conditions and harsh environments which our climate and geology present. This means that when you invest in a Vac-U-Digga vacuum truck, you get a vehicle that's got the technology, robustness and design to cope with heat, dust and mud as well as cold and moisture. An all-purpose workhorse, sucker trucks are a dependable, heavy-duty solution to a wide range of vacuum excavation tasks.

Driver comfort guaranteed!

Everybody wants to be fully licensed and comfortable while they work, which is why the fully adjustable seat and easy-to-use, in-cab hoist controls are always popular choices. Precision positioning and flow control come as standard, ensuring that fine movement is tightly regulated. This allows underground service locating or underground asset and cable locating to be completed successfully, even when a number of different structures are in close proximity to one another. A high degree of regulation also ensures that delicate, fine cables or other less-robust fixtures are protected from damage.


Vac truck rental available or why not consider purchasing a Vac-U-Digga?

The Vac-U-Digga is a dependable, high-performance hydro excavation truck which has been specifically created for the Australian market. Suitable for non-destructive digging, utility location, cable management and the control of flooding, detritus removal and drainage control, it offers an adaptable solution to a wide range of tasks. Ideal for companies working in telecommunications, energy, construction or civil engineering, it can also be a valuable investment for companies where drainage, waste removal or similar applications form a large part of their activities. A good all-rounder, easy to maintain, fuel-efficient and built to meet tough environmental standards, we feel that this sucker truck is one of the best on the market. Because it's available in a range of capacities, it's possible to benefit from a vehicle that's exactly right for your requirements.

Buying or renting a hydro excavation truck - which option is going to be best?

Obviously, if you regularly use a sucker truck, investing in a new or used vehicle could ultimately be the most cost-effective solution. What many companies do is to start out by hiring a selection of different vacuum excavation vehicles in order to decide which one works best for them. Hiring vehicles enables thorough testing, helping to inform the purchase process. If you find that hiring is becoming a regular part of your outlay, it may be more cost-effective to purchase. For emergency or occasional jobs, hiring a high-grade, fast, dependable Vac-U-Digga that's capable of delivering what you need could be the best way forward. No matter what option you take, we feel that the Vac-U-Digga range provides the tough, durable performance needed to tackle the challenging tasks which are part and parcel of successful sub-surface working.

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Vac-U-Digga 3,000L Vac Truck Specs

Standard Features

  • 60m 1/4inch Jetter
  • 25m 3/4inch digging hose
  • 2.5m digging lance
  • 2.8m digging lance
  • Wash down gun
  • 8m 100mm vac hose
  • Remote control
  • Conduit rack
  • Amber Beacon
  • Arrow board
  • Auto shut off
  • PVC water tanks
  • Lockable toolbox
  • In-cab hoist controls
  • Seat covers
  • Side bin(s) for tool storage
  • Ability to operate up to 100m from the truck

Unit Details

  • 850 CFM blower (15 INHG Regulated to 10 INHG)
  • 3600 PSI Water pump (Regulated to 2000 PSI)(32lt/min on 3000L unit)
  • Water tank capacity 1700L
  • Spoil tank capacity 3000L
  • Kubota V2403-M diesel engine
  • Total length 7010mm
  • Width 2300mm (excluding mirrors)
  • Height 3200mm
  • Gross legal mass (GLM) 12000 kg
  • Tare weight 7100 kg
  • Legal load 4900 kg

If there are any specific questions in relation to the 3,000L Vac-U-Digga please do not hesitate to contact via email craig.taliana@vacgroup.com.au or by phone on 0427 348 711(mobile) or 1300 822 834 (office).

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