The 6 Biggest Mining Companies in Australia


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*Last updated: 4.06.2020

Australia is currently leading the pack in the global mining sector. Our industry is booming - 2019 saw a combined market cap of $986,221,345,529, with $159,081,583,351 of growth in the financial year. Our country makes up 30.9% of the current market value share, with the world’s top two mining companies having deep Australian roots.

Check out our comprehensive guide to the biggest mining companies Australia has to offer below!

1 - BHP Group


BHP Key facts

Market Cap: 137.5 Billion
Headquarters: Melbourne
Operations: Diversified
Employees: 72,000 +

BHP sits at the very top of the biggest mining companies in the world. Specialising in the extraction and processing of minerals, as well as oil and gas, they employ over 72,000 workers - mainly in Australia and the Americas.

BHP is based in Melbourne, although their products are for sale worldwide - their main marketing efforts are led through Houston in the United States and Singapore. BHP Group is among the world’s top producers of major commodities such as copper, iron ore, metallurgical coal, oil, energy coal and gas.

2 - Rio Tinto


Rio Tinto Key facts

Market Cap: 114.4 Billion
Headquarters: Melbourne
Operations: Diversified
Employees: 47,500 +

Rio Tinto have been a key player in the industry for years - they’re the second biggest mining company Australia has to offer. Much like BHP Group, they’re based in Melbourne, with an impressive market cap of 114.4 billion. Rio Tinto currently employ over 47,500 people in 35 countries.

Rio Tinto specialise in producing a range of materials. They’re responsible for a lot of the aluminium found in smartphones and cars, titanium found in household products, iron ore for steel, copper for wind turbines and more.

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3 - Fortescue Metals


Fortescue Metals Key facts

Market Cap: 23.0 Billion
Headquarters: Perth
Operations: Iron Ore
Employees: 5,455

Coming in third for the biggest mining companies in Australia is Fortescue Metals Group. Based in Perth, the company operates as an iron ore production and sea-borne trading organisation. Founded in 200 by John Andrew Henry Forrest, Fortescue has seen rapid growth in recent years, ranking #94 on the Forbes “World’s Best Employers list in 2019”.

Fortescue Metals now consistently ship over 170 million tonnes of iron ore per year and are the lowest cost provider of seaborne iron ore to China. The group now employ over 5,000 people and own and operate a fully integrated infrastructure and supply chain spanning two mine hubs, with a third currently under development.

4 - Newcrest Mining


Newcrest Mining Key facts

Market Cap: 16.2 Billion
Headquarters: Melbourne
Operations: Gold

With their headquarters based out of Melbourne, Newcrest Mining is the fourth biggest mining company Australia has in operation. Their current market cap of 16.2 billion is a result of their efficient gold production.

Newcrest Mining claims they’re focused on maximising the profitable cash generation potential of their existing projects, assets and exploration projects. They began operation in 1996 and have mines located across the Ivory Coast, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and, of course, Australia.

5 - South32


South32 Key facts

Market Cap: 9.4 Billlion
Headquarters: Perth
Operations: Base Metals
Employees: 15,545

South32 come in fifth for the biggest mining companies in Australia. The Perth-based organisation employ over 15,000 people as of 2015 and specialise in Base Metal production. The company operates through a number of business segments across the globe, producing materials like aluminium, alumina, silver, lead, zinc, nickel, coal and manganese.

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6 - Evolution Mining


Evolution Mining Key facts

Market Cap: 4.5 Billlion
Headquarters: Perth
Operations: Gold
Employees: 1,263

Evolution mining are the sixth biggest mining company Australia has to offer. They’re ranked 49th in the world for the industry, and specialise in the production and mining of gold. Evolution Mining is a relatively new business, beginning operation in November 2011. Their rise to the 6th largest Australian mining company is an impressive feat.

What is the biggest mining company in the world?

Currently, the biggest mining company in the world is BHP Group. The organisation has an operating income of around 26 billion AUD, with a total asset valuation of $171 billion.

How many mining companies are in Australia?

Currently, there are 626 companies in the Metals & Mining industry listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). Six of those Australian companies rank amongst the top 50 mining companies in the world!

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