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Rio Tinto Koodaideri Mine-1

Operations at Rio Tinto's Koodaideri Mine

Founded in 1873, Rio Tinto is one of the world's largest metals and mining companies. Rio Tinto is an Australian company (one of the largest listed on the Australian Securities Exchange) though its presence is felt right across the globe.

Rio Tinto has two head offices, one in London, England and the other in Melbourne, Australia.

Rio Tinto focuses on five main product groups, aluminium, copper, diamonds and minerals, energy and iron ore.

Forbes currently ranks Rio Tinto as the world's 111th largest company with a current market cap of $99.3 billion and annual sales of $40 billion. Furthermore, Rio Tinto employs 46,807 people globally. The company controls gross assets worth $81 billion, the majority of which is made up of mining infrastructure. Large amounts of these assets located in Australia (35%), Canada (34%), Europe (13%) and the United States (11%). 

Recently, Rio Tinto has been a major player in the development of autonomous technology for mines. In 2018, they announced plans for their 'intelligent mine' in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. They are also operate and autonomous rail system, which is the first of it's kind globally.

Currently, Rio Tinto is divesting from it's coal assets and is on the verge of no longer mining coal.

In Australia, Rio Tinto, along with fellow mining company BHP, is a major driver of the country's economy. In 2012, Rio Tinto paid $8.7 billion in taxes to federal and state governments. Rio Tinto directly employs 23,000 people across Australia. 

Below is a map of Rio Tinto's assets across Australia.


Rio Tinto Map-list

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