Top 5 Best Dump Truck Brands in Australia


Dump trucks are a staple in construction and mining.

  • Volvo
  • Caterpillar
  • Kenworth
  • Hitachi
  • Komatsu

Dump Trucks are critical vehicles that are utilised throughout a number of industries. They specialise in the transportation of massive volumes of loose materials like sand, dirt, ores, gravel and demolition waste, these vehicles can be absolutely massive.

We know that the two most popular dump trucks are rigid rear dump trucks and articulated dump trucks, but what brands take the cake in Australia? Check out our comprehensive guide to the biggest hitters in the industry below.


Volvo dump trucks are found in abundance throughout the construction, mining and agricultural industries in Australia. Volvo Construction Equipment is an operating arm of the Swedish powerhouse ‘AB Volvo’, which focuses on supplying the construction industry with reliable vehicles. Volvo currently offer seven dump truck models in their F-series, which are further classified into other types of dump trucks. Volvo is also experts in backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, hydraulic diggers and other construction machines.


Volvo has a range of articulated dump trucks that vary in payload size. Volvo’s articulated dump trucks can carry anywhere up to 55,000kg at a time - check out their full fleet of dump trucks here.


Caterpillar is widely regarded as one of the leading brands in many areas of the construction industry. From small excavators, all the way to massive scrapers, Caterpillar has been instrumental in the ongoing innovation we see in the industry today. Caterpillar dump trucks are incorporated with the latest technologies to meet emission and safety standards and are widely used throughout the country.


The 798AC is the largest dump truck that Caterpillar offers and is capable of carrying a payload of up to 410 tonnes. For the full list of Caterpillar’s dump truck offerings, click the link here.


Kenworth dump trucks are found throughout Canada, Mexico, the United States and Australia. A subsidiary of PACCAR, this brand is one of the top manufacturers of heavy-duty dump trucks. Some of the best dump truck models Kenworth has to offer include the T660, T400, and C500.

iSeekplant’s online directory has Kenworth trucks listed all over the country for hire - check it out by clicking here. 



Hitachi dump trucks are a world-renowned asset. These vehicles can be found all across Europe and Asia, with Hitachi also specialising in the production of excavators, wheel loaders, cranes and more. Hitachi’s largest Rigid Dump Truck is capable of moving a payload of over 296 tonnes and is utilised in the mining sector.

Check out Hitachi’s full offering of dump trucks by clicking here.


Komatsu dump trucks are able to navigate some of the harshest environments throughout the globe, especially those often faced in Australia. Their mining trucks exceed the industry standard and have been developed using some of the most innovative technology on the market. Komatsu products have a glowing reputation for reliability, low maintenance costs and high productivity rates.


Available in a number of sizes and lifting capabilities, you can check out the full Komatsu dump truck fleet here.

What are the average dump truck hire rates?

Dump truck hire rates can fluctuate depending on the size of the machine, length of the hire period and whether or not you’re after an operator. To get a full breakdown on the costs of hiring a dump truck read iSeekplant's Dump Truck Hire Rates Guide.


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