Best Forklift Brands

With a range of brands to choose from it is important you are looking for a high-quality forklift to use, as they are not a small investment. Now since being invented in 1906, the forklift has come a very long way and has become an extremely popular machine, both for wet and dry hire, as their ability to lift and move large quantities and weights of material in small spaces is special to them alone. Being such a staple for most warehouses and factory operations you want to make sure you are choosing the right brand.

There is an extensive variety of considerations to take into account when pursuing the purchase of a forklift. With many different brands of forklifts available, it's important to into account the reliability, safety, durability and efficiency of each machine. Read on to find out the top forklift brands in Australia.

What are the best forklift brands in Australia?

For many years the main leading forklift brand in Australia is Toyota. Being Australia’s favourite by setting the standard in safety, performance, reliability and productivity when it comes to all kinds of forklifts. Following is the U.S. Manufacturer Crown Equipment, who has been operating in Australia for over 50 years with their inclusive range of forklifts. Although these are the main two brand leaders in forklifts the following are also highly reliable brands to consider:

1) Clark

Clark was the creator of the first forklift in 1917 and continues to offer a wide range of forklifts. Their forklifts offer great cargo quality and accommodate all spaces whether large or small.


2) Linde

With growing popularity in Australia and winning brand of choice in the National Forklift Championship 2018, Linde pride themselves with their electric trucks which feature load wheels.


3) Yale

Yale’s comprehensive line of electric and engine powered forklifts is a popular choice in Australia. The U.S based manufacturer prioritises maximising productivity and satisfying personal relationships.


4) Caterpillar

Caterpillar forklifts are designed for having great power and meeting the lifting demands of most lifting applications reaching up to 5 tonnes.


5) Mitsubishi

The Japanese manufacturer provides forklifts packed with features, power, and reliability and produces the manoeuvrability which is expected from a Mitsubishi forklift.


6) Hyster

Hyster promote themselves as creating state-of-the-art designed forklifts. Being a specialist producer of forklifts they provide a range of reliable and diverse forklifts.


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