Best Franna Crane Brands

Top Franna Crane Brands in Australia

Also known as mobile non-slewing or a pick and carry crane, the Franna crane brand is best used for when you need to pick up something heavy and move it to another location on site and any other mobile lifting needs.

In the late 90s, the Franna crane was bought out by Terex and were rebranded to Terex-Franna who now dominate the Australian market in the mobile non-slewing crane category of access equipment.

Types of Franna Cranes

The two main mobile non-slewing crane brands in Australia are Terex-Franna and Liebherr, however, Terex-Franna dominates the market as this particular Franna crane is designed for the Australian landscape and uses such as on mine sites as the majority are fitted with mine specs.

History of the Franna Crane


The Franna crane was developed in the 1980s by Dave Francis, an Australian engineer who named the crane after a merge of his last name, Francis, and his daughter's name Anna. The initial Franna crane design was versatile however issues arose with the manoeuvrability of the steering wheel making it difficult to operate on suburban roads. After Lou Parolin and Brian Haintook took over the company in 1983, changes were made as they continued to manufacture the popular brand of Franna crane.

After developing the world’s first mobile crane in 1949, Liebherr continued to expand their range further into more versatile cranes that were used to rebuild southern Germany after the war. In 1952 the range expanded to include one of their first cranes on wheels that was used to transport heavy materials from one re-build site to another.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Franna Crane Brand


When choosing a Franna crane brand, you must take into account the safety, reliability, durability and efficiency of each machine. This is paramount if you want to not only keep your workers safe but need a quality machine that will not delay any projects and blow out your budget.

1) Liebherr

Liebherr continues to be a main player in the Franna crane space however they are more preferred in European countries as Terex-Franna dominates the Australian market and has a very good reputation for quality, safety and efficiency.

The Liebherr franna crane is strong, efficient and has a proven track record of safety and performance making them a great choice however are priced at the upper end of the market.

2) Terex

The Terex-Franna brand Franna crane not only is strong and efficient but has an impeccable reputation for safety, reliability and performance. Due to their popularity in Australia, the Terex-Franna crane is also easy to service and find spare parts for if needed. This brand of Franna crane is also priced on the lower end of the market making it excellent value for money.

Hire A Franna Crane

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How much does it cost to hire a Franna Crane?

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