Do I Need a Ticket to Operate a Franna Crane?

Do I need a crane license to operate a Franna Crane?

In order to operate any mobile non-slewing cranes such as a franna crane, you will need to obtain the appropriate crane license. This type of crane license incorporates any machine with a boom or jib that does not rotate or slew such as a franna crane. This also includes articulated mobile cranes and locomotive cranes.



In Queensland, there are different classes of franna crane ticket available and what ticket you need depends on the size of the machine you will be operating. Successfully completing your franna crane ticket allows you to be able to safely, legally and effectively operate a franna crane.

To obtain your crane license, you first must enrol into a relevant training course such as a non-slewing mobile crane license course from a Registered Training Organisation such as Tafe QLD . Upon successful completion, you will then need to undergo training and apply for your High-Risk Work License.

Here is a list of the crane license, high risk work classes you need depending on machine weight:

  • 20 tonne capacity - C2 high risk work license
  • 60 tonne capacity - C6 high risk work license
  • 100 tonne capacity - C1 high risk work license
  • Capacity over 100 tonnes - C0 high risk work license

If you plan on operating franna cranes in multiple classes, you will be able to apply for several high-risk work classes to ensure you are always covered no matter the application.

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What are the requirements of a non-slewing mobile crane license course?

When looking to complete a crane license course in order to obtain your franna crane ticket, you must consider what topics the course is going to cover. The best courses to participate should include the following topics:

  • Engage in relevant theory and practical crane training
  • Understand compliance with WHS licensing legislation
  • Communicate and work safely with others in the work area
  • Perform risk assessments and management procedures
  • Learn how to undergo pre-operational check, positioning, stabilising, set up and operation of a mobile crane
  • Practical application of appropriate signalling
  • Understanding how to perform load and lifting gear calculations and reading load charts

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How much does a franna crane license cost?

Costs for a franna crane ticket or crane license vary from state to state. Here is a comprehensive list of costs associated with Australian crane licenses.

New Application

Licence Renewal

How do I hire a Franna Crane?

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