What are the Best Trencher Brands?

Here are the ‘Top Five’ best Trencher Brands in Australia

Trenchers are widely used all across Australia for their definitive functionality and while they may not be incredibly versatile, they are sure to compensate with leading reliability, efficiency and productivity. So what are they used for?

The core purpose of a trencher is, well… to trench. They are designed to dig to required specifications suitable for both residential and commercial projects - providing ‘trenches’ with application for roads, tunnels, plumbing, underground utilities and more.

So, if trenchers all give access to similar results, why does it matter which brand you choose? Well… why use an excavator instead of a shovel? The short answer is ‘capability’. Well-built trenchers are simply more capable, they can ‘do more’ for ‘less’. So, while finding out which trencher is best for your job is commonly the first step when looking to buy or hire a trencher, discovering the ‘top’ brands will typically be next.

What are the best trencher brands in Australia?

The best trencher brands in Australia feature companies such as Ditch Witch, Vermeer, Toro, Caterpillar and John Deere.

Ditch Witch Trencher

Ditch Witch are well-known within the underground construction industry, bringing expert engineering and design to their innovative products. Ditch Witch manufacture various machines, ranging from vacuum excavators to mini skid steers, but are most notable for their quality Trenchers.

Ditch Witch Trenchers are built with performance in-mind and have grown into a worldwide presence. With over 100 dealerships and 175 locations across six continents, you can be sure to receive support throughout the machines useful life cycle.

When looking to hire a Ditch Witch trencher, you can rest assured that all machines are built to Australian standards and come packed with features across an extensive range of walk behind, ride-on, and tracked trencher variants. You can rely on hire companies that use Ditch Witch.

Vermeer Trencher

Vermeer Australia is a premiere manufacturing company that brings you some of the best equipment that Australia has to offer. Vermeer offer solutions across a range of industries including construction, mining, landscaping, recycling and more - being highly known for their ‘world-class’ trenching machines.

When productivity per hour counts, Vermeer begins to stand out from the crowd with incredible reliability and efficiency that can dramatically reduce down-time and prevent on-site time wastage. With service points across Australia in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia - you can be sure to receive constant support!

When looking to hire a Vermeer Trencher, you can rest assured that no matter the application, Vermeer has you covered! From walk-behind and ride-on Trenchers to tracked and industrial-sized trenchers, Vermeer can equip you for the job. Hire companies that go with Vermeer are a winner in our books!

Toro Trencher

Toro Australia is a leading provider of turf and landscape maintenance equipment, bringing extensive industry experience to their trencher machines. Toro offers a variety of trenchers, some including boom-arm and moldboard attachments, greatly enhancing the functionality of the traditional trencher design.

Toro Australia has been operating since 1925 and are most notable for their innovation and anticipation of future customer needs - manufacturing modern trencher machines that serve a wider range of applications. With Toro products being used across known sites around Australia including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Adelaide Oval, and Queensland’s Suncorp Stadium - you can trust in leading quality.

When looking to hire a Toro trencher, you can be rest assured that all products comply with Australian standards and provide access to leading productivity, reliability and efficiency across their walk-behind and ride-on trencher variants. You can bet on hire companies that use Toro.


Caterpillar Trencher Attachments

Caterpillar (CAT) is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial turbines and diesel-electric locomotives, plus more! In fact, if you haven’t heard of CAT… You’re living in a cocoon.

So you may be wondering why CAT has been featured on this list of the ‘Best Brand Trenchers’. Simple… Their unmatched trenching attachments offering versatility and prime functionality for other pieces of equipment such as excavators, skid steer loaders and tractors! While they may not manufacture a dedicated trencher, their attachments can be up there in terms of trenching capabilities.

When looking to hire CAT Trencher attachments, you can rest assured that you are accessing core trenching capabilities from one of the world’s best construction brands. But trencher attachments aren’t for every job! Find out which trencher is best for your job here. If an attachment is what you need, hire companies with Caterpillar trencher attachments mean serious business!

John Deere Trencher Attachments

John Deere is another highly-renowned machine manufacturer, designing some of the best agriculture, construction, landscaping, and forestry machines around Australia today! Similar to Caterpillar, if you haven’t heard of John Deere, you may be living under a rock!

Again, while John Deere does not manufacture dedicated trenchers, their trenching attachments offer an incredible option for those with specific project needs. These trenching attachments hold their own against most dedicated trenchers, making them an incredibly popular option when it comes to versatility!

When looking to hire a John Deere Trencher attachment, you can’t go wrong! But again, a trencher attachment may not best suit your project needs! If an attachment is, however, what you seek - John Deere won’t disappoint! Hire companies with John Deere trencher attachments are a winner!


How to get the best machine hire rates?

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