CAT 248B Skid Steer Loader Machine Review & Full Specs

Compact yet capable of extraordinary performance, the Caterpillar 248B Skid Steer Loader is known for delivering the best results, even in the most difficult scenarios. Caterpillar’s pieces of equipment are known for their versatility and durability. A must-have in everyone’s fleet of gear, the 248B CAT Skid Steer Loader is an exceptional machine.

Do you want to know more about this great machine? Continue reading below for our in-depth review and specifications (specs).


CAT 248B Skid Steer Loader Machine Specs (Overview)

  • Make: Caterpillar
  • Model: CAT 3044C DIT
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • Max. Speed: 7.8 mph/ 13 kph
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Fuel Capacity: 23.80 gal/ 90 l
  • Hydraulic Tank: 9.2 gal
  • For Full Specs: Check Below

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Our CAT 248B Skid Steer Loader Review

Superior design, excellent performance, and easy maintenance are what separates this exceptional CAT 248B Skid Steer Loader from the competition. It is designed in an innovative manner that not only makes operations simple but also enhances the level of productivity. You can easily work in low-light areas with its amazing forward lights. The machine has fantastic floor space, that allows the operator to easily get into or out of the machine.

From picking up heavy loads to blowing out the snow, and more, the cab can easily tilt, and various tools can be attached to it to make the job done easily. One of the best features is the hydraulic pumps that drive the engine directly for maximum hydraulic performance, and no belts are used in the process. Having a CAT 248B Skid Steer Loader as a part of your fleet is definitely going to be highly beneficial for you. Let’s have a look at its key features.


Outstanding Engine

One of the most important parts of any equipment is its engine. The CAT 248B Skid Steer Loader’s engine is CAT 3044C DIT - an absolute workhorse that allows for increased productivity rates on-site. It has 4 cylinders that offer excellent performance and a quick torque curve for instant response. The powerful working of the engine makes it easier to run the machine effortlessly and complete the job in a very short time.

The machine also features dual-engine throttle (hand and foot) controls, which is a bonus for the operator to perform the tasks quickly. Whether it is snow blowing, trenching, truck loading, or gazing, the hand and foot throttles are ideal for performing every task in a better way.


Quick Coupler and Several CAT Work Tools For Higher Productivity

Another fabulous feature of the CAT 248B Skid Steer Machine is the availability of versatile work tools.


The quick coupler system in the machine allows users to easily change the work tools. It features a low profile side plate, opposing wedges ensuring a tight tool fit, a large contact area that has great space for large loads, and more. It also enables superb visibility of the work tools and easy entry & exit to the cab.

Using the two high-leverage handles, the operator has the option of engaging and disengaging the work tools. Also, there is an optional hydraulic quick coupler that enables the engaging or disengaging of the tools without having to exit the loader.

The variety of work tools aims to deliver better results, machine longevity, and exceptional value and services. The list of the various tools includes backhoes, augers, cold planers, wheel saws, trenchers pallet forks, hammers, and many more.

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Hi-Tech Hydraulic System

The CAT 248B has an amazing hydraulic system that provides incredible lift, and great power to work tools. Instead of multiple components, the machine features a single component that improves hydraulic system reliability and cleanliness. The operator station has a filter restriction indicator. Also, there’s a screen in the hydraulic tank that keeps the huge debris to enter the machine and hence protects the hydraulic components from being damaged.

No matter how high the temperatures are, the hydraulic air cooler in CAT 248B Loader allows the machine to work longer and effortlessly, even when making use of powerful work tools. Moreover, the oil reservoir has a great capacity, which helps in keeping the temperature under control.

The efficiently working hydraulic system not only makes driving an easy process, but also helps in loader lift, tilting, driving engine cooling fan, plus more. Another plus of this machine is the hydraulic lines, as they improve reliability and make servicing a seamless process.


Great Customer Support

Purchasing CAT equipment means investing your money in a dependable machine. Their loader features not only the highest quality of tech, but their customer support is unparalleled too. Whether it is machine support, replacement, repair, operator training, maintenance services, or anything related, they’re ready to help you and be your perfect guide.

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CAT 248B Skid Steer Loader Specs


  • Ground Clearance: 9 in/ 228.6 mm
  • Width Over Tires: 5.5 ft in/ 1676 mm
  • Height to Top of Cab: 6.87 ft in/ 2092 mm
  • Length W/o Bucket: 9.19 ft in/ 2800 mm
  • Length With Bucket: 11.54 ft in/ 3515 mm
  • Wheel Base: 3.73 ft in/ 1134 mm
  • Clearance at Max Lift and Dump: 7.87 ft in/ 2398 mm
  • Reach At Max Lift And Dump: 21.3 in/ 541 mm
  • Maximum Overall Height: 156 in/ 3962.4 mm
  • Turn Radius From Center - Inc Bucket: 82.56 in/ 1625.6 mm
  • Turn Radius From Center - Machine Rear: 63.9 in/ 1623 mm
  • Turn Radius From Center - Coupler: 52 in/ 1320.8 mm
  • Turn Radius From Center - Bucket: 83 in/ 2108.2 mm

Engine Specifications

  • Make: Caterpillar
  • Model: CAT 3044C DIT
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • Gross Power - Sae J1995: 82 hp/ 61 kw
  • Net Power - SAE 1349: 76 hp/ 57 kw
  • Net Power - ISO 9249 Eec: 77 hp/ 57 kw
  • Stroke: 4.70 in/ 12 cm
  • Net Flywheel Power: 76 hp/ 57 kw
  • Bore: 3.7 in/ 9 cm


  • Operational Weight: 7319.4 lb/ 3320 kg
  • Max. Speed: 7.8 mph/ 13 kph
  • Operating Voltage: 12 V
  • Fuel Capacity: 23.80 gal/ 90 l
  • Engine Oil Fluid Capacity: 2.70 gal/ 10 l
  • Alternator Supplied Amperage: 90 A
  • Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity: 13.80 gal/ 52 l
  • Chain Box Fluid Capacity - Each side: 1.90 gal/ 7 l
  • Tire Size: 12x16.5
  • Cooling System Fluid Capacity: 2.70 gal/ 10 l


  • Operating Weight: 7321 lb/ 3321 kg

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic Flow: High Flow XPS
  • Hydraulic Power: 78.20 hp/ 58 kw
  • Maximum Loader Hydraulic Pressure: 4060 psi
  • Maximum Loader Hydraulic Flow: 33 gal/min (125l/min)
  • Loader Hydraulic Flow: 33.02 gal/min
  • Loader Hydraulic Pressure: 4061.06 psi

Service Refill Capacities

  • Fuel Tank: 2.6 gal
  • Hydraulic Tank: 9.2 gal
  • Hydraulic System: 13.7 gal
  • Engine Crankcase: 2.6 gal
  • Chain Box - Each Side: 1.8 gal
  • Cooling System: 2.6 gal

Power Train

  • Travel Speed Reverse: 7.7 mph/ 12 kph
  • Travel Speed Reverse - 2-speed option: 11.8 mph/ 19 kph
  • Travel Speed Forward: 7.7 mph/ 12 kph
  • Travel Speed Forward - 2-speed option: 11.8 mph/ 19 kph


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