Caterpillar 226D Skid Steer Loader Review & Specs

Cat 226D Skid Steer comes with more power, functions and control than past models, making it the Cat skid steer of choice for many users.


Cat 226D Skid Steer Specs (overview)

  • Engine Model:  Cat C2.2 CRDI
  • Net Flywheel Power: 49.1 kW
  • Gross Power - SAE J1995: 50.1 kW
  • Net Power - SAE 1349: 49.1 kW
  • Displacement: 2.2 l
  • Stroke: 100.0 mm
  • Bore: 84.0 mm
  • Net Power - ISO 9249: 49.6 kW
  • Peak Torque - 1,500 rpm - SAE J1995: 208.0 N·m
  • For full specs - see below

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What has been improved?

The Caterpillar 226D Skid Steer is new and improved with a number of different added features. For starters, the interior cab of the 226D is wider and more spacious than previous models, allowing the driver to ride in style. The cab is not only climate-controlled but also completely sealed and pressurized meaning dirt, dust, and noise cannot get in while you’re hard at work.

With the upgrades, you can have access to both heating and air-conditioning as well as an improved set of controls that feature the optional Advanced Display panel. This display screen allows for easy tweaks to what you’re doing as you work and is just one of a few of the many upgrades that have been added to this newer Cat skid steer loader model.


Ride along in comfort

Caterpillar doesn’t scrimp on comfort and this model will not disappoint. The 226D Skid Steer has improved visibility in comparison to previous skid steers, as well as a higher headrest and an air ride seat.

The operators maneuvering the joysticks all day long will appreciate the mounted positioning of the equipment which allows for increased comfort. Caterpillar has thought about safety too, with a top-notch security system installed on the 226D Skid Steer loader along with the option to choose a rear-view camera to guide you as you carry out your work.

A display screen that shines bright

If you want to upgrade the standard 226D Skid Steer, you can choose to have access to the Advanced Display screen which allows you to adjust the creep control and hystat response functions. For those who are comfortable using languages other than English, the display also features a multi-language functionality and the chance to customise the layout of the system.

Powerful Machine

The 226D Skid Steer comes with a lot of grunts, allowing for the best performance and increased production through the Electronic Torque Management system. There are a number of options to give the Cat 226D skid steer more power, such as the optional two-speed travel function and the deceleration pedal capacity for added control over the power. There is both an electronic hand and a foot throttle for further options when driving, so you can pick the controls that suit you best.

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Hydraulic system for better performance

For operations where the 226D skid steer needs to pack a punch, the high-flow hydraulic system gears up when you push. The high horsepower engine has high torque, yet isn’t too harsh on the environment with its U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final (EU Stage IIIB) emission standards rating. Cat prides itself on the latest technology and the company has certainly thought about all the bells and whistles with this model, incorporating a dual direction self-level, a work tool return to dig and position function.

Control your ride with ease

The new 226D Skid Steer model will move at the slightest touch of the controls, as it features a speed-sensitive ride control function that gives you the ease of operation when the path gets rough and bumpy. Compared to past models, the controls also feature improved loading retention which allows for increased productivity on site.


All the attachments you'll ever need

There are so many attachments available for this 226D Skid Steer, making it a very versatile machine that can operate on many sites and different jobs. You can choose from a huge range of attachments including buckets, snow blowers, brush cutters, brooms, cold planers, stump grinders, backhoes, wheel saws, and more.

One of the best features of this 226D Skid Steer, especially on a complicated job where you need it to perform many operations over the course of the day, is the Cat’s quick attachment change function. This improved coupler system means you no longer have to manually change the work tools using two high-leverage handles.

Instead, an additional function allows for an electrical changeover, meaning you can switch attachments without having to even get off your seat in the cab. This really is a standout function and will save so much time on those detailed jobs where many tasks need to be carried out quickly.

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A vehicle that's easily serviced

The 226D Skid Steer is very simple to service and maintain, meaning you don’t have to worry about long periods of machine downtime where you are losing out on money and getting behind on the job.

The machine that can do it all

Although the Cat 226D Skid Steer isn’t that new on the market, it really is a standout machine. There are many different brands that produce skid steers, but Cat is always reliable – a brand you can trust.

One of the reasons for this is that Cat's machines are versatile and come with the option to use many different attachments and upgrade with many different add-on functions. But the machines are also powerful and built to last – something no construction worker can resist when it comes to choosing the best tools for the job.

So whether you need to use the Caterpillar 226D Skid Steer for civil construction work, a plumbing job, or on the farm, you know you can rely on this model to perform well time and time again.


The machine that can do it all

Cat is known for its high-quality customer support, so you can relax in knowing that if you have any questions after the purchase of your 226D Skid Steer, you’re in good hands. Cat often provides excellent training programs, and the machines come with great warranties, ensuring that you will get your money’s worth.

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Cat 226D Skid Steer Complete Specifications



  • Engine Model:  Cat C2.2 CRDI
  • Net Flywheel Power: 49.1 kW
  • Gross Power - SAE J1995: 50.1 kW
  • Net Power - SAE 1349: 49.1 kW
  • Displacement: 2.2 l
  • Stroke: 100.0 mm
  • Bore: 84.0 mm
  • Net Power - ISO 9249: 49.6 kW
  • Peak Torque - 1,500 rpm - SAE J1995: 208.0 N·m


  • Operating Weight: 2588.0 kg

Operating Specifications

  • Rated Operating Capacity: 703.0 kg
  • Tipping Load: 1407.0 kg
  • Breakout Force - Tilt Cylinder: 1807.0 kg
  • Rated Operating Capacity with Optional Counterweight: 749.0 kg

Hydraulic System

  • Hydraulic Flow - High Flow - Hydraulic Power (Calculated): 38.0 kW
  • Hydraulic Flow - High Flow - Maximum Loader Hydraulic Flow: 99.0 l/min
  • Hydraulic Flow - High Flow - Maximum Loader Hydraulic Pressure: 23000.0 kPa
  • Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Hydraulic Power (Calculated): 26.5 kW
  • Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Loader Hydraulic Flow: 69.0 l/min
  • Hydraulic Flow - Standard - Loader Hydraulic Pressure: 23000.0 kPa


  • ROPS: ISO 3471: 2008
  • FOPS: ISO 3449: 2005 Level I
  • FOPS Level II: ISO 3449: 2005 Level I

Power Train

  • Travel Speed - Forward or Reverse - One Speed: 12.3 km/h
  • Travel Speed - Forward or Reverse - Two Speed Option: 17.8 km/h

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