Crushed Rock Cost Guide 2022

Gravel supply

Crushed rock can be used for a number of purposes from driveway gravel, to road base, garden supplies, and more. Crushed rock can be made from recycled materials like recycled concrete, or can be made from virgin materials. There are numerous types of crushed rock each having their own unique uses and applications within the construction industry.

What can crushed rock be used for?

Crushed rock is an extremely versatile and pliable material so it can be used from smaller residential projects, to larger scale commercial and infrastructural projects. Crushed rocks can be used for:

  • Landscaping projects: gravel driveways, gravel filler around paths, and in garden beds.
  • Used as a road base or crushed rock under concrete pavers, concrete slabs, and asphalt.
  • Can be used under water tanks, sheds, and other semi permanent structures.
  • Used as a compacted base for house slabs, concrete driveways, and more.

While crushed rock across the board can be applied to any of these uses, it's best to know which type of crushed rock best suits your exact needs and how much material you will need to use for your project.

Gravel driveway leading to shed

Crushed rock cost per cubic metre

The cost of crushed rock will vary depending on the type of rock being used, the size, and other factors like the cubic metre of material required. There is no standardised price across all crushed rock types but you can expect to spend from $35 for standard gravel crushed rock or $230 for limestone crushed rock.

Road base

Road base can be laid before an asphalt or concrete driveway is laid to help control moisture and make the surface level. Virgin material road base can cost from $40 to $75 per cubic metre, whereas recycled road base can cost approximately $65 per cubic metre.


Gravel comes in numerous sizes and different shades and colours. For an average cost you're looking between $80 and $150 per cubic metre for virgin materials. These gravels range from river gravel to blue metal gravel. For recycled crushed concrete gravel you can expect to pay $60 to $80 per cubic metre.

Stone dust

Stone dust, also known as crusher dust, is a by-product of the quarry industry and is used similarly to road base under car parks, concrete slabs, and paths. It is a fine blue metal product with particle size ranging from 4 millimetres and upward. You can expect to spend $121 per cubic metre.

Crusher dust under concrete pavers

Crush and run

Crush and run is a mixture of gravel and limestone that is most often used on driveways, It costs approximately $39 per cubic metre at a base level.

Crushed limestone

Crushed limestone is most commonly used in high traffic areas like driveways and footpaths as a compacted base to level an area. You can expect to cost approximately $48 per cubic metre.

Sand and aggregate blends

Sand and aggregate blends are great used as they are for compacting, or they can be used to mix and create concrete. The different kinds of sand may include pit/ plaster sand, bedding sand, or a concrete blend sand. Average prices can range from $100 to $150 per cubic metre.

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Pea gravel

Pea gravel is most commonly used as a decorative ground cover along pathways or in water features like ponds. They are an excellent choice for windswept areas or areas with heavy foot traffic. You can expect to pay between $120 and $145 per cubic metre.


Caliche is a sedimentary rock made up of calcium carbonate similar to limestone and can be used as a surface material and a base material. You can expect to spend approximately $35 per cubic metre.

Crushed granite

Crushed granite, similar to crusher dust, can be used as a base for footpaths and driveways. You can expect to spend $74 per cubic metre.

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