Do you Need a Licence to Operate a Concrete Pump?

To operate a concrete pump, otherwise known as a concrete placing boom, you do need a PB HRW license. The PB High-Risk Work license certifies the holder for safe and qualified use and operation of a concrete pump that includes an articulating boom, power-operated slewing, and luffing that pumps concrete through a pipe that is attached to the concrete truck. In order to receive this license, you need to take a concrete pump operator course.

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What to expect from a concrete placing boom course

When conducting your concrete placing boom course (or concrete pump operator course), you can expect to complete the following topics as part of your qualification:

  • Set up and preparation for operation
  • Accurately recording and maintaining information related to the operation of the concrete placing boom
  • Workplace communication techniques
  • Positioning and stabilising of the concrete placing boom
  • Operation and control of the concrete placing boom
  • Risk Assessment and hazard prevention
  • Correct stowage procedure
  • Delivering the concrete
  • Shut down and secure the concrete placing boom

How long is a concrete pump license valid for?

A PB High-Risk License, otherwise known as a concrete placing boom license, is valid for 5 years from the time of registration unless for some reason it is suspended or canceled. During the 5-year period, your PB High-Risk Work License is valid, you can undergo the safe operation of a concrete placing boom. If you do not have a valid PB HRW License you must renew it prior to operating the machinery which can sometimes take a few days to be active.

When your renewal time is approaching, your state governing body for workplace health and safety will generally notify you 6-8 weeks prior to your license expiring. This provides you with plenty of time to renew your license prior to you needing it for employment duties and tasks.

To register for a High-Risk Work License, you are best to consult with your state Workplace Health and Safety office or visit their website for more information on how the register.

To be eligible for a PB High-Risk Work License you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Complete a recognised concrete pump operator training course with an RTO
  • Can use English at a level that enables the safe performance of high-risk work

How much does it cost for a PB High Risk Work Licence?

Concrete pump operator training courses range in price from state to state in Australia. Find the prices and requirements for concrete pump training courses with the links below.

Queensland $96.80
New South Wales $75
Victoria $66.60
Western Australia $100
South Australia $83.50
Northern Territory $76
Tasmania $71.28
Australian Capital Territory $100

How much does it cost to renew a PB High Risk Work Licence?

Queensland $87.85
New South Wales $69
Victoria $50.35
Western Australia $53
South Australia $83.50
Northern Territory $63
Tasmania $58.32
Australian Capital Territory $100

Safely operating concrete placing booms

In order to safely operate a concrete placing boom, you are required to participate in an education course provided by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This ensures the safest operating procedure as well as the latest workcover and workplace health and safety practices are presented.

The same operations and licensing applies for all forms of concrete boom plant hire machines including mobile concrete pumps and stationary concrete pump For more information about Registered Training Organisation in your area, visit your state workplace health and safety website.

How to become a concrete pump operator

Becoming a professional concrete pump operator is about more than getting your license. A concrete pump operator needs to be a salesperson, a concrete technician, a mechanic, a good communicator, have flexible hours, and not only know how to operate a concrete pump but drive it excellently.

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