Top Boom Lift Brands in Australia

Why are Boom Lift Brands important?

A boom lift is a machine of many names and distinctive functionality, serving as a preferred aerial work platform. So, whether you call it a cherry picker, basket lift, man lift, aerial lift or elevated work platform - one thing is certain. This piece of equipment is your leading choice for efficient, reliable, and safe high-reach access. So, when are they used?

The primary application of a boom lift is, well… to lift. These machines are designed to provide aerial access to high-reach places through an elevated lift platform. Though seemingly straight-forward, boom lifts are manufactured in a range of different styles and cater to a range of various indoor and outdoor applications. From pipe repairs, electrical installation, and maintenance to high-access cleaning, exterior finishing, and tree trimming - boom lifts can do it all.

So, if boom lifts all provide access to similar results, why does it matter which brand you choose? Well, why not just use a ladder then? The answer is capability… and safety. Well-built boom lifts are simply more capable, more reliable, and much safer than their low-quality counterparts. Brand matters! So, which brand should you choose? Let's go on a tour of the best aerial lift manufacturers.

Here are the top four Boom Lift brands in Australia

While discovering which boom lift is best for your upcoming project is typically the first step when looking to hire a machine, finding which brands will work the most for you is next! So, are you looking for leading telescopic boom lifts? A ‘world-class’ knuckleboom, perhaps? Well, strap in! Here is the moment you have been waiting for… Our ‘Top Four’ Australian Boom Lift Brands.

What are the best Boom Lift brands in Australia?

The best boom lift brands in Australia feature companies such as JLG, Skyjack, Genie, and Haulotte.


JLG Boom Lifts

JLG Industries are perhaps the most well-known manufacturer of access and lift equipment, bringing expert design and decades of experience to their innovative products. JLG manufactures a variety of aerial access machines, ranging from knuckle booms and telescopic booms to stock pickers and vertical lifts.

JLG boom lifts are built with performance, reliability, safety, and sustainability in mind and have been developed on the backend of 50 years worth of experience. Today, JLG Industries spans a multitude of countries with a worldwide presence so you can be sure to receive premiere training and service no matter the location. They also lay claim to having made what is the highest boom lift in the world, soaring over 55m.

When looking to hire a JLG boom lift you are certain to get leading quality machines which surpass industry standards, coming packed with a broad range of features. In the eyes of many, JLG is more than just a manufacturing company with machines that aim to make a difference. You can rely on hire companies that use JLG.

Skyjack Boom Lifts

Skyjack is a premier manufacturing company that brings to market some of the most reliable boom lifts in Australia. Skyjack made their start by developing a solid reputation as one of the ‘best’ scissor lifts in the world - adapting that technology, quality, and reliability to their boom lift machines.

When simplicity counts, Skyjack truly begins to stand out from the crowd with an intuitive design and broad set of features which make their products some of the most sought after in the hire industry. With a worldwide presence, Skyjack products have great serviceability and support no matter your location, meaning maintenance is a ‘breeze’.

When looking for a leading boom lift, you can be sure that Skyjack has you covered. From quality straight boom lifts to innovative knuckle booms, finding great access equipment to hire has never been so simple. Hire companies that go with Skyjack are a winner!


Genie Boom Lifts

Genie Industries is a leading provider of aerial work platforms and carry with them decades of experience and an incredible reputation in the marketplace. Founders of the now common phrase “Genie Lift”, the Genie brand has held its own even after the company's acquisition from Terex Corporation. Today all Genie machines continue to be sold and hired worldwide under the Genie Brand, despite being held by the Terex Aerial Work Platforms segment of Terex.

Genie boom lifts are highly notable for their reliability, safety, and quality - forming a strong brand name within the industry. So, with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing ‘world-class’ access equipment, you can be sure to see leading results with Genie equipment.

When looking to hire a Genie boom lift in Australia, rest assured that all products go above regulatory standards to ensure quality and provide access to leading productivity, reliability, and safety. You can bet on hire companies that trust Genie.

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Haulotte Boom Lifts

Haulotte are a leading provider of people and material lifting equipment bringing over 10 decades of experience to their range of aerial access machines. Haulotte now offers some of the best machines across Australia, manufacturing ‘world-class’ telescopic boom lifts, and articulated boom lifts - suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

Haulotte has been around since 1881 and as such, are backed by one of the longest success stories in the industry. Having established a strong reputation for immense quality, reliability, and safety - Haulotte has also gone on to win numerous industry awards for innovation and quality.

When looking to hire a Haulotte Boom Lift, you can rest assured that you are accessing core lifting capabilities from one of the world’s most reputable access equipment brands. So, with modern solutions to safety, reliability, and efficiency - you can trust hire companies who go with Haulotte.

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