Volvo Dump Trucks: Pricing, Capacity and How They Compare

On the search for an articulated dump truck to hire or buy? Then look no further than one of Australia’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).

Whether you are looking to buy or hire a dump truck, Volvo offers a wide range of models with varying levels of productivity and performance, specialising in (big) rigid rear dump trucks to articulated dump trucks. Dump trucks are for large loads and can be used for a wide range of materials handling and hauling tasks depending on your job site's size and needs. Volvo dump trucks are high in quality and are best used on mine and quarry sites when mass hauling gravel, rocks, coal, and other aggregates. The specific model of Volvo dump truck you require depends on conditions and terrain you'll be transporting on, the size of your site, the type of materials you'll be transporting etc. And if you're buying, then you need to figure out if you want work in commercial construction, or the mining industry. Typically, articulated dump trucks are used in the civil and mining industry and are better suited towards rougher, uneven terrain. Rigid trucks on the other hand are very popular in the mining and quarry industry, as they have a much larger load and haul capacity, and can move more dirt, quickly. You'll need a road registered tipper truck for all applications where you are operating on roads. For more information about materials handling on the roads read our blog article on hiring the right tipper truck for your job.

Two Volvo articulated haulers operating on a mining site Caption: Volvo articulated hauler: mining / quarry operation (photo credit: Volvo Construction Equipment)

Volvo Articulated Dump Truck Models & Specifications

The following is a complete and most range of the Volvo ADTs, ranging in dump capacity from 25 tonnes to a mammoth 60 tonnes. The most common size for an ADT is 30-40 tonnes, usually seen on civil or commercial sites. Articulated dump trucks, are used in road construction, major projects, quarries, and in severe off-road operations. Once you go above 40 tonnes, you're really talking about operating on mines or quarry sites. Then once you go above 45 tonnes, you need a rigid rear dump truck instead.

Volvo A60H

  • Payload capacity: 55,000 kg
  • Body volume: 33.6m 3
  • Engine: Volvo D16F
  • Max speed: 55km/h

Want to hear what we have to say? Read our blog on the Volvo A60H Articulated Dump Truck Review & Specs .

Volvo A45G

  • Payload capacity: 41,000 kg
  • Body volume: 25.1m 3
  • Engine: Volvo D16F
  • Max speed: 57km/h

Volvo A40G

  • Payload capacity: 39,000 kg
  • Body volume: 24m 3
  • Engine: Volvo D13F
  • Speed: 57 km/h

Volvo A35G

  • Payload capacity: 34,500 kg
  • Body volume location: 21.2m 3
  • Engine: Volvo D13F
  • Speed: 57km/h

Volvo A30G

  • Payload capacity: 29,000 kg
  • Body volume: 17.8m 3
  • Engine: Volvo D11F
  • Speed: 53km/h

Volvo A25G

  • Payload capacity: 25,000 kg
  • Body volume: 15.3m 3
  • Engine: Volvo D11F
  • Speed: 53 km/h

Further details on all Volvo ADTs mentioned here can be found on Volvo CE .

Volvo-A30D Volvo articulated dump truck Caption: Volvo Rigid Rear Dump Truck operating in mining applications

Volvo Rigid Rear Dump Truck Models & Specifications

These big mumma trucks are the darlings of the mining industry and are used exclusively on mine sites for heavy hauling aggregates, spoil and ore over long distances. They don't operate on asphalt roads, and usually operate on makeshift haul roads (compacted gravel and aggregate leading into a mine pit or other mine operation). While its rare people hire these types of trucks, it does happen from time to time. Most mining companies purchase these from the OEM directly and use them for years over the course of the mine production period. These babies start at 45 tonne and go up to 100 tonne in the Volvo range, but you can get these in up to almost 500 tonne capacities overseas.

Volvo R100:

  • Payload capacity: 95,000 kg
  • Body volume: 60.4m 3
  • Engine: Cummins QST30 (Tier 4 final certified)

Volvo R70D:

  • Payload capacity: 65,000 kg
  • Body volume: 41.5m 3
  • Engine: Detroit Diesel/MTU-2000TA (Tier 2 / Stage II)

Volvo R60D:

  • Payload capacity: 54,430 kg
  • Body volume: 35m 3
  • Engine: Cummins QSK19-C700 (Tier 3 / Stage IIIA)

Volvo R45D:

  • Payload capacity: 40,825 kg
  • Body volume: 26m 3
  • Engine: Cummins QSK19-C525 (Tier 3 / Stage IIIA)

Further details on all Volvo rigid haulers mentioned here can be found on Volvo CE.

Volvo Dump Truck Prices

Pricing points differ for a number of reasons when it comes to purchasing a Volvo dump truck. The type of model you are buying, its age or overall physical condition as well as size and capability all impact price. If you are buying new, we recommend you contact your local Volvo dealer and enquire - we don't like to quote new prices for gear because these fluctuate and we don't want any filthy lawyers letters from them asking to take the article down!

Second Hand Volvo 25 Tonne Articulated Dump Truck Prices:

  • Volvo 25 Tonne ADTs (Older than 2007): $110-000 to $170,500
  • Volvo 25 Tonne ADTs (2007 - 2018): $125,000 to $185,000
  • Volvo 25 Tonne ADTs (2018 - 2021): $135,000 to $185,000

Second Hand Volvo 30 Tonne Articulated Dump Truck Prices:

  • Volvo 30 Tonne ADTs (Older than 2007): $125,000 to $145,000
  • Volvo 30 Tonne ADTs (2007 - 2018): $135,000 to $155,000
  • Volvo 30 Tonne ADTs (2018 - 2021): $190,000 to $325,000

Second Hand Volvo 35 Tonne Articulated Dump Truck Prices:

  • Volvo 35 Tonne ADTs (Older than 2007): $65,000 to $165,000
  • Volvo 35 Tonne ADTs (2007 - 2018): $170,000 to $195,000
  • Volvo 35 Tonne ADTs (2018 - 2021): $220,000 to $380,000

Second Hand Volvo 40 Tonne Articulated Dump Truck Prices:

  • Volvo 40 Tonne ADTs (Older than 2007): $110,000 to $135,000
  • Volvo 40 Tonne ADTs (2007 - 2018): $165,000 to $250,000
  • Volvo 40 Tonne ADTs (2018 - 2021): $195,000 to $495,000

Second Hand Volvo 45 Tonne Articulated Dump Truck Prices:

  • Volvo 45 Tonne ADTs (Older than 2007): $190,000,000 to $275,000
  • Volvo 45 Tonne ADTs (2007 - 2018): $151,000 to $320,000
  • Volvo 45 Tonne ADTs (2018 - 2021): $285,000 to $425,000

Second Hand Volvo 60 Tonne Articulated Dump Truck Prices:

  • Volvo 60 Tonne ADTs (Older than 2007): $220,000 to $295,000
  • Volvo 60 Tonne ADTs (2007 - 2018): $380,000 to $475,000
  • Volvo 60 Tonne ADTs (2018 - 2021): $495,000 to $670,000

Don't have the coin to buy any of these? Ha, us either! It's cool - we've got you. Why don't you go ahead and hire from one of the 25,000 verified construction equipment and service providers on Australia's leading marketplace for construction plant hire & services.

Volvo Dump Trucks for hire

Hire rates can vary depending on the model of machine you require and the hire period you aim to use it for. For big yellow machines like dump trucks, the contract tenure really does have an impact on how much you'll pay per hour, and whether you require a dry or wet hire . Typically, you can do a dry hire of an articulated hauler for as little as $50/hour for smaller models, and go up to $400/hour for larger models (40+ tonnes). Hire rates for rigid dump trucks start from as little as $14,000 / month (not including maintenance and mobilisation) for smaller models, and go up from there. As we said before though, hire contracts for these beasts are pretty few and far between, but we do have a number of great suppliers on the site that do it. You've got Buckleys and no chance of hiring for a short period though, because the cost of moving these puppies around is eye watering. Want to learn more about how hire pricing for dump trucks and other plant equipment works? Head over to our article on dump truck hire rates now.

Volvo CE Dump Trucks vs the competition

The global dump trucks market size was valued at USD $6.32 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD $10.83 Billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 7.0% during that period. That means plenty of our plant hire customers expect to buy new or used ADTs in the next 6 years. Volvo is ranked fifth in the world for biggest dump truck manufacturer, rigid and articulated hauler industry globally. Below we break down it's biggest dump truck brands and compare them.

Volvo Dump Trucks vs Caterpillar Dump Trucks

Caterpillar is the market leader in the dump truck category for both articulated haulers, and has the lion-share of the rigid rear dump truck market globally - particularly in developed countries. Caterpillar do direct deals with the biggest mining and construction companies in Australia to long-term lease, rent or sell their trucks. They make rigid rear dumpers as big as the Caterpillar 797F - which has a whopping 380 tonne capacity.

Caterpillar rigid hauler - mining / quarry

Volvo Dump Trucks vs Komatsu Dump Trucks

As one of the top manufacturers of both rigid and articulated haulers internationally, Komatsu is a highly reputable, reliable company that offers a wide range of machines right across Australia. Komatsu also has a really strong footprint in Australia, which offers Komatsu machine owners great service coverage, fast parts and constantly evolving onboard technology. Komatsu is also extremely well known for its innovation - being one of the largest technology and manufacturing companies in Japan. In 2018 Komatsu released the first low emissions rigid rear dump trucks, and in 2020 released a new 142 metric tonne capacity rigid rear truck that also boasted improved fuel efficiency and better maintainability (don't know how that works, but it must be true).

komatsu-730e-8-dump-truck at quarry

Volvo Dump Trucks vs Hitachi Dump Trucks

Better known in the European and Asian market, Hitachi is a trusted brand for both articulated and rigid haulers with models ranging up to 270 tonnes in hauling capacity. The life of mining and quarrying equipment is important for its effectiveness and profitability of mining and equipment operations. So, to guarantee long-term dependability in tough situations, Hitachi's EH dump trucks are put through months of extensive testing. Hitachi's dump trucks are equipped with proven Hitachi technology including an advanced AC drive system specifically designed for Japan's high-speed bullet trains, as well as technology from Hitachi's mining excavators. The Hitachi drive control system guarantees improved haul cycle times that lead to increased productivity, safety, and efficiency.

Hitachi-AH400D-Dump-Truck PC710

Volvo Dump Trucks vs John Deere Dump Trucks

From 26 to 46 tons, John Deere ADTs offer formidable power and torque for excellent power-to-weight ratios and rapid cycles. If you need to move dirt on steep slopes, through deep ruts, and in slippery mud - then Hitachi claims to manufacture the most sturdy and stable ADTs on the market. John Deere isn't really competing head-to-head in the rigid dump truck space. Onboard diagnostics help keep the operator informed and working, and like most modern OEMs - onboard telematics comes as standard. Smart features such as auto-differential lock activated while driving, tire pressure monitoring, differential locks, and onboard payload weighing help increase productivity and uptime while reducing operating costs.

John Deere 260E Articulated Dump Truck  on minesite

Volvo CE Dump Trucks vs Moxy Trucks

'Moxy' is a word, often used by Queenslanders and in New South Wales to colloquially describe an articulated dump truck. And rather than being just a cute word, it's a brand of dump truck that was prolific 20 years ago, and indeed the Moxy company was the grandfather of the articulated dump truck. Here's a little history lesson on the birth and death of the Moxy. In 1970, Moxy, a Norwegian firm, built a prototype 22-ton (20 metric tonnes) ADT and two years later launched its model D15, a 17-ton (15.4 t). It was the first six-wheel-drive articulated truck in the market, but Moxy executives acknowledged that the 6X6 concept came from yet another Norwegian entrepreneur. The industry's standard of six-drive wheels was established. The Moxy brand has been dormant since 2011, although the trucks continue to transport goods across the world and are sold second-hand in Australia. Prior to ceasing to exist in 2011, it went through several ownership changes. An English business acquired it in 1983 and three years later Komatsu entered an OEM partnership with it; some Moxy ADTs were subsequently rebranded "Komatsu." In 1997, Komatsu terminated its agreement and took control of Moxy again before Doosan's construction equipment division acquired it in 2008. In 2011, the Moxy name was no longer used.

 Moxy MT36 Dump truck sandy site

Volvo Dump Trucks vs Doosan Dump Trucks

So, when Doosan literature boasts of 40 years of experience making ADTs, it is alluding to its Moxy heritage. Please see Moxy history lesson above. Doosan claims that it's ADT is the only construction equipment that you can overload with weight and still have it function properly. The company engineered their product to harken back to its Moxy heritage, which gave inspiration for Doosan's 30-ton (27.2 t) and 40-ton (36.3 t) models' unique turning ring placement in front of the swing point. This unique feature of the Doosan supposedly allows an equal distribution of weight on each front wheel no matter the terrain, yielding maximum tire traction as a result. Another selling point for these trucks are their independent front suspensions utilizing leading arms instead of relying on axle support innovation that has since been widely adopted throughout the field by other companies.


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